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Chroma/Zephyr Prime Vault - Rubico Prime MR requirement?


Hello everyone.

Got a quick question about what would happen if I bought the Chroma/Zephyr Prime Vault Package.
Rubico Prime is locked to MR 12+ and I'm currently MR 10. If I bought it, would I still be able to use the Rubico Prime at MR 10, or would I have to get to MR 12, before I could use the weapon?

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If you buy it with real money (like from the Prime Vault) then you can bypass the MR requirement and get the stuff instantly, regardless of your current MR.

If you buy all of the components from another player in Trade Chat, they won't be able to give you the Blueprint until you get the required MR.

If you farm all of the components yourself, the game will not let you craft the weapon until you get the MR requirement.

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