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Coming Soon: Devstream #154!

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Tenno, as always here's the times for other time zones. Please check out the Google Calendar to be notified of streams 10 mins before they start!

Livestream schedule on Google Sheets

Google Calendar for livestream schedule - requires a Google Account and auto adjusts to your local time zone

Public Link - no google login required and does not auto adjust to your time zone


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After the initial reveal of the new Intro cinematic, Mag received an augment to allow her to use the ability seen in said trailer. Will we ever receive an augment for volts shock ability to match what he is capable of then trailer? A way to flip shock to a steady stream of AOE electricity? Thanks for any answer you can provide :)

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Corpus liches when?

When's the new war stuff getting? You said first new war stuff and then duviri paradox that was teased last tennocon (or 2? I forget), seems like duviri is at least a year away? :(

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Hi  as a fashionframe meta i like to put the Prime colors on the skins i put on my frames

I can use copy colors to armor pieces or syandanas but it doesnt tell me  what those are  so i ve to watch all color palletes and comparing them and there are A LOT 

So I ask for them to tell me wich is and from wich pallete is from 


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Will there be a possible valkyr rework? Or perhaps a warframe focused around the nine tailed foxes? I think a frame built around a Kumiho would work really well.

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A few questions.

Could we ever recieve changes to the way Punch Through works? Or make Punch Through on a larger arsenal of weapons, or more mods for it?

Will the Odonata, Elytron and Itzal have their redundant moves (Flares, Exhaust, Zipline) removed and replaced with abilities to increase survivability in Empyrean?

Has there ever been consideration to increase the amount of farmable primed items that come with a Prime Access? (e.g. 1 warframe, 2 others could have more others?)

Can subsuming warframe abilities onto Tenno railjack crewmates be a thing?
Speaking of Crewmates, can the "On Call" no longer require them to be in your current Railjack squad?

Will Sigils ever be removed from being required to farm Syndicate standing and just be made cosmetic?

EDIT: I don't normally like editing these ahead of devstreams, But as someone who has bought the Digital Ticket, can we expect to see an expansion of the Ephemeras that can be used on stuff such as Archwing, Railjack, K-Drives, Necramechs, Weapons and Companions? I'd love to use the Tennocon Ephemera on my Sentinels.

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