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Coming Soon: Devstream #154!

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{Epic Games Related} I downloaded Warframe on the Epic Games Store 1 month later after the Unreal Tournament skins promotion. Will they come back in the future for those who still play on the EGS? Many people didn't even download. They just moved files. Thanks Devs for such a great Ninja Experience. Keep it up

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Whatever happened to the rest of the Orbiter update? It was mentioned after the Orbiter update but never mentioned again.

Also any update on the Material Picker (changing textures like Metallic, Matte, ....) that was also mentioned a while back?

Lastly, any news on the new lighting engine Steve was so excited for?

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LICH concerns.

Will converted Lich continue to spawn into perilous matches? If yes, could they get listed on the stats page. It would be great to know which ones spawn in and it would be nice to see how they helped if their performance stats are not part of ours.

When hunting Lich, it would be really great to see how much progress was earned on the ending stat page. I think this might be helpful as a strategy with what path forward or to see which is best or has become problematic.

I am assuming that the final command intrinsic will allow you to put a lich on call. If that is not correct do you see some feature like this in the future?

I ran into a problem in an infested map where the Lich can not only teleport but employ  a holographic copy as well as all the other methods that can place your Lich elsewhere.It was impossible to navigate the two levels of infested material and distinguish from a marker or a thrall or the downed Lich, I realize that this may be intentional for the dificulty but I think if the Lich is brought down and it teleports elsewhere to be down his marker should clearly indicate where he is until he begins recovery. It is so infuriating when you are going for the capture and he has located somewhere where he can not be found  fast enough and runs away.

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I have some questions for the Devstream as well, & @[DE]Rebecca, a way to handle bringing back Scarlet Spear if you think it could help! Considering how in-depth I’ve gone on things recently, I think it will save some time to take those details and have them front & center here. I just want to do my part to help see some things get better than they were before!

  • I’ll try to keep this post organized :)
  • This is a thread I made covering feedback across multiple recent Devstreams:
    "Post-Devstream (Railjack, etc.) feedback post (The original thread closed before I could post this)"
    • That ^ thread’s TL;DR:

      (Copied directly from the Feedback post!)

      Thoughts on the Orphix Venom missions in Empyrean (Orphix Spawns have potential for more player info)

      • Re-using Archwing space tilesets & assets, and thoughts on an Archwing Spy mission in space
      • Also touching on Empyrean-izing more missions in the Railjack-way (Namely "Core Warframe" things)

      Incorporating Empyrean Invasions

      • Also some in-depth thoughts on Scarlet Spear

      A few new mission types I thought of

      • Outlast & Escort
      • A possible way to handle Void Storm Fissures, and how multiple relics could work

      Empyrean-related suggestions from a thread I made in the past

      Bugs that I'm aware of in Empyrean (Some may or may not be fixed as of this writing)

      • Intangible Grineer missile platform turrets (Any proxima region), Gyre / Exo Roller sentries are non-existent, and some Codex issues, etc.
      • As mentioned in that section of this post, I'm planning on making a separate bug report for each of the bugs.
        • (I'm wondering, are you allowed to post multiple reports in the same post on the megathreads, or do you need to make a bunch of posts individually?)

      Lack of Empyrean codex entries / names

      • This includes both enemies & objects (As well as a Debug sort of object?)

      Suggestions to improve the Railjack itself

      • Also includes a small thought on the Railjack's boost gauge being removed, and the Necramech Haste intrinsic.
      • One more brief thought regarding showing others when you're on the Tactical Menu / Pause menu.

      Rebalancing Intrinsic point requirements per rank, & possible new bonuses

      • This was from before the Command Intrinsic line was revealed, as well as the new actual bonuses for the other 4 classes.
        • This basically includes the ideas I thought of if certain things were removed from the original Intrinsic bonuses, and the max rank went up to 15 per class; & some new math that handles the point requirements (Assuming 512 would be the highest amount) up to the new ranks.

      What I would do with the Command intrinsic bonuses (I found a way to streamline that class, I think!)

      • This still includes everything it currently has, but it still leads into whatever is in the works for Command rank 10 most likely.

      Bugs I'm aware of outside of Empyrean

      • Odonata Prime texture bug, when your Necramech is killed in the presence of an Acolyte, and various K-Drive bugs (In and out of missions), etc.
        • Ideally, I'd like to post all the bugs I'm listing into one bug report if I can, on the correct / current bug-reporting megathread (That's another thing I'm wondering; Where should I post them, considering these have been around since before the current update, and don't relate to Corpus Railjack?)

      Thoughts on Corpus Queenpins and their things

      • Some questions about their motives / number of personalities, etc., the Briefcase weapon, and new Ephemera ideas!
        • Also an idea starting from that, "Weapon Emotes"?


      • I’ve made sure to report all of the bugs listed here, and since then a couple of them have been fixed! Such as Gunnery Intrinsic 9 after defaulting Railjack controls :)
      • Those were 18 different bugs (10 Empyrean & 8 Non-Empyrean)! I did mention a few lesser bugs here & there found in the process of testing & discovery of the main bugs I listed, so there could be roughly 24-25 individual bugs in that report.


    • Aside from that, some of the things I’d like to ask about include the Corpus Queenpins (Taking from the Post-Devstream thread I linked above)Expanding Operator Customization, and a few other misc. questions. But first I’d like to mention what I have for Scarlet Spear.

      • Some may / may not have already seen what I have; For those who haven’t I hope this may help you too in some way.


Regarding Scarlet Spear, & how it could be even greater than it was originally:

(A post I made with some details on Empyrean missions in the past)
☆ Railjack Feedback in hopes of giving the update it's best chance of making RJ more mainstream.


During Devstream 153, you mentioned some things with Scarlet Spear, and Scott said he'd like to see it come back. I was glad to hear about that, since it was an innovative way to use the Railjack in tandem with others, for one reason. Plus, it seems like a lot of people enjoyed it! Bringing it back and ironing out any bugs from it would be pretty neat in my opinion.

That being said, I think it's too good to let it be a one-off event. Orphix Venom was added as an actual mission type now, so it's not unrealistic for a similar place for SS; In this case, Empyrean Invasions. As we're building up to the next major point in The New War, Sentients are usually trying to invade the Origin System. Scarlet Spear can ground that in reality by introducing newer Tenno to it, and people wouldn't miss out on the rewards in the form of an invasion. People need some things to spend those Scarlet creds on!


How it could work:

  • During the last week of every month (Or the last 10-14 days of every two months; February, April, June, etc.), one of the relays may be chosen by the Sentients as a new invasion target, mainly focusing on the planet it's orbiting rather than the relay itself (So we don't need to think about Sentients destroying a relay!).
  • During this time, Little Duck could be working with Father (In a hologram form!) in order to coordinate new squads of Tenno to various ground missions across the planet's tileset (Not just Earth, but Corpus planets could be chose as well!), just like in the original event.
    • Space missions can be conducted within the respective Proxima region of the relay's planet, so therefore Murex would be found in Proxima regions other than the Veil, as they've technically had so much time to prepare since the first SS campaign.
  • Very significant UI addition: For every instance of a relay, there should be a counter showing how many players are at the relay vs how many the relay can handle, not just how many squads there are. When this limit is reached, Tenno will likely need to go to a new instance of the relay if they don't have a full squad and need one.
    • I recall during the Operation back then, that I tried to invite another player to join my squad for a ground or space run, and I was met with the message: Cannot invite player. The player limit for this Flotilla has been reached. I remember checking the relay's UI in the center, and there was no indication anywhere about an individual player-limit. As in the below image, it could display that as well:


      • Without that specific info, it didn't help with finding groups, and I wouldn't be surprised if other squads ran into that issue too. But I hope the example helps!
  • Just like in the original event, players would coordinate to gather codes to upload into a satellite that Space squads bring to the Murex, only now it would happen in places other than Veil proxima (To liven things up, and show that the past event had an impact on the Sentients' strategy in a way).
    • Enemy levels may / may not scale based on the proxima, but this could use the levels from the first Scarlet Spear.


New / worthwhile rewards!

Theoretically speaking, considering that this returning Scarlet Spear event would not be an "event" (Operation) per say, it likely wouldn't have all the Arcanes again (Though having Arcanes / currently unvaulted relics in the drop tables would be a temporary alternative to OV / Eidolons!). However, that doesn't mean it couldn't still offer something special;

Found in space from The Old War, MK4 Railjack wreckage!

Since Father actually used to be on a Railjack himself back in the day, I imagine he could be the perfect guy to offer Tenno busted up ship parts in return for Scarlet creds (Or Phasic Cells if they have any from OV?)The reason why these would be the wreckage as opposed to rebuilt parts is so that you can Valence-Fuse them into your existing ship parts!

I figure each MK4 part can come with roughly an extra +25% - 45% max total stats (Either additive or Multiplicative) compared to the MK3 version of any given part (Reference: Railjack/Components | WARFRAME Wiki | Fandom), so that it won't totally outclass the parts you've worked hard to get before the invasion, but still seem worthwhile to buy. But, Father's parts can also come with unique traits unlike the MK3 components you've found!

  • Considering how many different traits there are per house, I'll just list these three ideas!)

House Lavan MK4: Tenno gain +50% armor for 5 - 10s after being launched from the slingshot. 

  • This is another version of the other slingshot traits, so it may help you survive when you first enter the enemy's area! 10 seconds instead of 5 would be to help that further, since enemies may not see you or shoot immediately.

House Vidar MK4: -10% intruders' shields.

  • A different effect than the armor-reducing version, for dealing with Corpus boarding parties!

House Zetki MK4: Convert 40% of damage dealt to Railjack's Hull to Warframe energy for all Tenno onboard.

  • This acts separately from any mods your Warframe has equipped, such as Rage or Hunter Adrenaline. All Tenno gain the same amount of energy simultaneously.
    • I'm not sure if it'd matter where the damage comes from.
  • The MK4 wreckage could either come with the minimal base stats, or maybe a random range of stats? Either way, it will allow you to increase it up to a certain max amount via Valence Fusion.


As for what type of ship components come with these traits, I'll leave that up to DE. But this way you can take your MK3 parts, and upgrade them into MK4 versions. But you can either choose to keep your MK3's traits, or opt-in for the MK4 part's new aspect!

  • MK4 weapons would be an interesting avenue to be explored in the future, if MK4 components were implemented! At the moment I'd only assume the total base damage of every weapon to be +25% - 35% stronger than the MK3 version of a given weapon; Multiplicatively speaking, and the same goes for munitions, etc.
    • That said, I'm not sure if the MK4 weapons would have new unique traits as well, or if any traits would go above 60% for inherited MK3 weapon traits, but this is some food for thought.

In addition to those, Scarlet Spear would be a great time for Father to bring back the newer Necramech mods! In a way, this would be similar to how the Exodia Arcanes are from Plaque Star, or how some mods are only in Ghoul Purge bounties (Temporary-mission rewards).

On the other side, Little Duck could bring back the Ballroom Simulacrum, and some other rewards players can choose from could be:

  • Oplink
    • This is needed for the event, of course!
  • Ceti Lacera Blueprint
  • Basmu Blueprint
  • 15,000 Kuva
    • More Kuva than a regular weekly vendor (Like Syndicates / Teshin), considering Scarlet Spear wouldn't run all the time, but might be cheaper than Nightwave's price? Depends on NW series cred vs Scarlet cred acquisition rates?
  • Stance Forma
  • Phased / Glyphed / Gilded Clan Sigils
  • Phased / Glyphed / Gilded Clan Emblems
    • If there could be different versions of a clan's design as Sigils, why not complete the look with Emblem variations?
  • Exilus Weapon Adapter (Or Warframe Adapter!)
    • Either one would be useful, I think. But it's not every day you get a Warframe Adapter.
  • Earth Console Decoration
  • Murex Console decoration
  • (Most recently released frame here) In Action Glyph
  • Voidrig / Bonewidow In Action Glyph
    • (Whichever one wasn't released yet, unless both have been!)
    • If both have been released by the time SS returns, why not have her offer both Mech glyphs?
  • Bruntspar In Action Glyph
    • I know it's merely a Necramech skin right now, but I'd love to see that become an actual mech at some point. if it did, Father could introduce parts for it via Scarlet Spear as an alternative Mech for some Tenno! Loid could offer it's blueprints afterwards on Deimos.
  • Cryptonaut In Action Glyph?
    • We only have it's helmet right now, but I feel the same way about this as I do the Bruntspar; It's an open idea for a Necramech to be explored!
  • Scarlet Spear Flotilla captura scene?
    • I don't see any reason why this couldn't be a thing :)
  • Unique Amp / Kitgun / Zaw parts meant for dealing with Sentients
    • This is an idea I thought of recently in case Scarlet Spear is a recurring event; An invasion-version of it like this would be a perfect place to have weapon components made for fighting Sentients, if any were made!
      • One interesting modular weapon passive would be something that changes it's base damage type whenever it's target has a strong resistance to it! triggered after testing the foe once, and adapting on the next strike. that would be a very Anti-Sentient weapon!
        • One possible way to balance this against enemies in general, would be for the weapon to not always chance to the enemy's weakness immediately. It could hypothetically just adapt around their resistances, and may coincidentally change to what they're weak against (Just a thought I had as I finished writing this post).
      • In this case, the weapon would always default to whatever mod elements it has, and change to something else upon adapting to a target. However, attacking different types of enemies (Grineer armor + Corpus shields) in the same attack would be the main problem I see with it.
  • Arcanes? (Existing ones or new ones; Just an option)
    • If you want to put some Arcanes in with Little Duck (Or entirely new ones), this would be a great sink for excess Scarlet creds. but keeping Arcanes tied to events only is another route to take.
    • Some options for new Arcanes could be for modular Archguns / Archwings (When those comes around), or even K-Drives (If those ever get updated with their own abilities / passives).


Considering how much better the Phasic Cell : Reward ratio was in Orphix Venom, I think that sort of ratio should be brought back for this. I'm not sure how to price some of the things from father & Little Duck, but giving them both a solid purpose and reasons to come back will help the scarlet Spear invasions be worth people's time quite a lot. Not that pricing is the most important part to me; I just enjoyed the event itself! But speaking of Scarlet creds...

I'm sure numerous people who were in the original event remembered how Murex Missions didn't earn as many creds as Ground missions, not to mention the amount of enemies & average time spent for each run. There's some posts on reddit with screenshots of this like that, as one place to look back on. In any case, for the missions themselves;

  • It will be very important to make sure the same amount of creds are offered on a full run for both Ground and Space. This way, it will not influence what missions squads will be inclined to do, and they have more reason to just help out whichever side needs more Tenno and codes.

    Case in point:


    I grabbed this screenshot myself at the time. That UI display is even cutting down through the floor, due to so many Ground squads. I doubt this would be intended for when SS comes back.

    • Maybe it would also help to have a display in the Flotilla UI showing how many scanned codes are ready to be transmitted vs how many are needed at a moment's notice? This might help players gauge how much progress the Flotilla needs to get all the Murex.
  • I also recall how there's the Flotilla chat, so that players from the same relay instance can communicate with each other; I think that definitely needs to stay as part of Scarlet Spear, since it's a very useful feature!
  • The bonus creds that everyone earns based on how many points they had is useful as well! Although I'm not sure if that was a factor in how high the Arcane cred costs were back then, come to think of it.
  • Possible bug: At some point during the original event, I ended up with a duplicate emblem.


  • But rather than remove the idea of that, I think the amount of points you earn that become different ranks of the Ground / Space insignia can instead be converted into even more Scarlet creds! Well, after you own said cosmetic that is. This is actually very similar to NW's duplicate protection, but for Scarlet Spear currency. It would be rather pointless to just keep getting extra inbox emblems you can't do anything with.

    Possible insignia ratios:

    Rank 1 becomes 100 Scarlet creds
    Rank 2 becomes 200 Scarlet creds
    Rank 3 becomes 300 Scarlet creds


As far as longevity / ease-of-access goes, with there already being a Railjack console there, players who get MK4 wreckage from Father will be able to quickly upgrade their ships and prepare for the next Space run for their Flotilla.

The fact that both Space and Ground runs would have an equal amount of points in the end also helps toward evening out the ratio of Ground : Space squads, and with Father / Little Duck having worthwhile rewards I imagine a lot of people would work towards getting what they need, and if they know ahead-of-time that they can’t participate in the rest of a Scarlet Spear invasion, that’s ok! They can then save their Scarlet Creds for the next time it returns in another Proxima region. Hopefully that’ll coincidentally ease any concerns about “fighting for points”.

  • That said, by “fighting for points” I just mean with a set limit on Murex per Flotilla within the same timeframe, if one person takes out a Murex, that’s one less Murex for others. Perhaps the Murex could be unlimited?

    • However many Murex are defeated, everyone that participated in a Flotilla’s run could be eligible for bonus points (Scarlet Creds). As an example;

      Every 25 Murex that are defeated earns everyone another 2,500 Scarlet creds. If 100 are defeated before the next wave, they all get 10,000 Scarlet Creds in addition to the emblems, etc.; I think that would simplify how bonus points are earned, and wouldn’t force an entire 100+ Murex wave to be defeated in order to earn bonus points. People can fight at their own pace instead of completely racing against the clock.

    • To be eligible for bonus points, you’d have to take out either 3 Murex or 3 Condrix (Or however many you think is best). Basically, help out in a Ground or Space run!

      • Doing this across multiple Flotillas probably wouldn’t be too ideal, since you’d be wasting some time checking to see which ones are nearing 50 or 75 Murex, etc., as well as Murex waves only ending based on how much time goes by, not by the number defeated; So you could just as easily keep fighting in your own Flotilla.

That’s all I can think of for now regarding Scarlet Spear returning. But outside of that, there’s still room for other invasions.

Other Empyrean Invasions:

Empyrean invasions in general can also consist of large battles between Grineer Galleons and Corpus capital ships, allowing for Skirmishes, Volatile mission runs, and others!

  • Rewards for these could be similar to the regular star chart invasions, but maybe offering some unique Railjack weaponry with passives that deal up to +60% more damage to Grinner (From the Corpus) / towards Corpus (From Grineer)! It would be similar to some weapon mods that do stuff like that.
    • Plus, these faction-damage traits can then be Valence-fused into hypothetical MK4 weapons!
  • Brief thoughts on infested Railjack Invasions / Liches:   (Thinking for future stuff)

    When we eventually reach Infested Railjack missions, Invasions against them can offer Railjack weapons with traits for more infested-damage as well.

    • That being said, I think one interesting idea for Infested Liches would be to draw from the Jordas Precept questline; Where he warns that there are others like himself. These could be the Infested Liches, or one version of them (Depends on how we go about obtaining an Infested Lich; It could be like downloading a manifest on Eris alerts a random infested Cephalon / physical Infested creature to you, making itself known as a Lich). Some could be Cephalons, others physical offshoots of the hivemind?



Thoughts on upcoming Corpus Liches & their things:

What you'd love to see in Warframe by December 2021
(Part of this original post ^ is relevant in this section, but I’ll need to update it still)

  • That ^ also mentions some of the issues I've already mentioned in this feedback post, since I'd love to see them resolved!


There are a few things I’ve been wondering about regarding Corpus Queenpins as well, namely;

  • What are their motivations against the Tenno?
    • One thought that crossed my mind is if they’re basically Debt collectors hired by the Corpus, after you take out a certain Corpus VIP, or perhaps Lawyers.
  • Will they have more than the 2-4 personalities that Grineer Liches started out with?
    • I was taken aback somewhat when a new Lich I started talked in the same manner as a previous Lich I vanquished.
    • Since we have yet to dive into Update 30+, I’m not sure what the Queenpins will sound like yet, but I’m looking forward to it!
  • Can you have a Grineer Lich and a Corpus Queenpin at the same time?
    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen this question on the forums!
    • If you could, then it would be interesting if they were to fight each other over who gets to kill you first. Lich Crossfire missions?

Aside from the Liches themselves, one thing I’m also looking forward to are their weapons! Especially the new Briefcase class (It sounded like a new type of weapon at least). I’ve got one question regarding that:

  • Can it be used as a melee to smack people with the case, and then press the weapon swap button, etc. to convert it into a gun & shoot them, and vice versa?
  • One thing I’d REALLY like to see with the Briefcase weapon:

    (Possible loud sound warning; At least to my ears)



    • To be honest, I think there’s potential to have even more kinds of “Weapon emotes”, based on each class of weapon! If you have a polearm in your loadout during a mission, and you have the Polearm emote, maybe you can do some acrobatics with the polearm? There’s a lot of ideas to be had with that!


Before the new Ephemera were revealed for Corpus Queenpins (Reference: https://twitter.com/PlayWarframe/status/1339243821444575243), I actually thought of ideas for nearly every other element besides what we have for the Grineer Liches. Some examples from that post, with short descriptions:

(Reference: Corpus Queenpin and Railjack: What is everyone looking forward to?)

  • Puncture:
    • Small points of space around the wearer could implode, Basically warped areas of bent light appearing & then closing.
  • Slash:
    • This could consist of sharpened air currents circulating the Warframe / Companion, etc. (Could look nice on Gauss or K-Drives!), where the blades of air follow behind your trajectory. Any direction you’re moving in, you’ll see the air going behind you!
  • Blast:
    • Small pops appear around the wearer, like tiny explosions from certain AOE weapons. Coincidentally the opposite of the Puncture Ephemera.

Are there any chances / plans that ephemera like these could be added to Liches (Grineer / Corpus), if not saving them for Infested Liches? It’s something to explore, I’d imagine. Although the current progenitor frames would have to be divided up amongst the new elements.


As for those more miscellaneous questions I thought of:

  • In the future, will you be doing another AMA (Ask me anything) on reddit or other places? I actually never heard of those until the afternoon after you had one; Then again my most important questions are already in this post!
    • I’m more curious about if that’ll happen rather than when; I think that would be a great opportunity for questions again, it seems like a neat concept!
  • Will there be a way to separate the body and step Ephemera? I have brought that up as an idea on this thread, as it would greatly enhance player-customization across the game!
    • Relating to that, will we be able to equip the TennoCon 2021 Ephemera on Vehicles (At least K-Drives?) instead of only our Warframes? I’m having a hard time deciding whether to try that out more often than not vs the Eidolon Step Ephemera.

      Both look great, but I would ideally like to use both if I could. I feel that the 2021 Ephemera would be best served on a Necramech or K-Drive, considering how it’s designed to display something on all sides at once, I briefly thought of it like a racing-sponsorship sort of Ephemera!
      • ^ Displaying your support of something for all to see; Basically why I thought K-Drives would be especially well-suited to it.
  • In the future, could there be any plans on Expanding Operator Customization options, so that they could wear the Armor and Syandanas that Warframes can? Frames have a huge amount of options, different pieces of armor from differing sets, their Syandanas, and they can even display Emblems on either shoulder to boot (Which Crewmates could benefit from as well!).
    • With this, you could even match the the looks of your Warframes - Operators!
    • Maybe when Duviri comes out and Operators are looked at further, this could be considered as well. That combined with Expanding their Customization options would make for an amazing Operator-based update!
  • Regarding Pets 2.0 and future updates for them, is there any consideration toward letting Pet Armor be separated into different sections like it is for Warframes? I have the Kavasa Prime Kubrow armor, but I’d rather not cover up my pet’s face whenever trying to see how it could look. Another way of looking at it is, it would help them see stuff, so to speak!
    • That said, I’m sure it doesn’t actually impact their performance in the field, but I feel that it would be a lot better if you could choose where to have armor on them. Such as the Torso, Tail (If they have one), Head, and Feet! Those are some general examples of Armor / attachment sections. This would also allow you to mix armor, etc. from different sets, just like Warframes and Sentinels can!
  • Last one for now; With balancing going on over time with Guns and Melee, are there any ideas towards including Archguns and Archmelee in that? I have a few thoughts on it, if it’s relevant (Unless balancing them would happen around the time of Modular Archwings).


    Regarding balancing Guns (Primary & Secondary weapons) and Melee, I do see why it’s happening, and I’m sure that the end goal is to have all weapons be reasonably balanced against one another (Not counting Rivens, those aren't quite the same topic as this kind of balance; Weapon balancing vs Mod-involved balancing).

    In light of that, I do have one significant aspect of weapons to bring up for the Devstream: Exilus Slots.

    Primary and Secondary weapons already have unlockable Exilus slots with a weapon adapter, so they have that going for them. But that leaves two other main categories of weapons, Arch-weapons, and Melee. Assuming the end goal is to have all weapons be balanced, then they may not be truly balanced in and of themselves without access to all available slots, Exilus capability included.

    • This is merely a suggestion however, as it could be thought of as “Power Creep”, depending on how new Exilus mods are handled. Hypothetically, if a “powerful” mod became an Exilus version, it could have a slight reduction in drain capacity and its effects in order to compensate; That may help curb the situation a bit.

    There are a couple of factors with this to consider, 1 something that maintains the spirit of Quality of Life, & 2 doesn’t increase DPS. Furthermore, for the weapon categories;

    • As far as I recall, Melee weapons have already had a very effective Crowd-Control factor removed recently, where if you hit an enemy, they used to be staggered from that alone. This does already bring them a bit closer to where Primaries & Secondaries are, a bit. However, there are some good non-DPS-related mods that could serve as candidates for Melee-Exilus mods, which are usually miscellaneous.
      Category:Melee Mods | WARFRAME Wiki | Fandom

      A few notable examples:
      • Healing Return, which is an effective survivability mod, and in a (Perhaps) balanced way has a very low drop chance from certain infested enemies. It heals you by a certain small amount based on the number of different status conditions you’ve got on the target, per hit. It only serves as a supporting mod on Melee weapons, as a result!
        • As it stands, it has 16 drain, and recovers up to 11 HP per status condition. As an Exilus, perhaps it could be brought down to 14 drain with 10 HP? Unless the drain should still stay to balance the usefulness as an Exilus; Just a brief thought.
      • Dispatch Overdrive, coincidentally also has a very low drop chance from a specific enemy, but is transmutable. This is another QoL-based mod that increases your movement speed for a brief time after hitting a target with your Heavy attack. It doesn’t improve DPS in and of itself, as far as I can tell; Thus lending itself a supportive role.
      • Tek Gravity is not as hard to find as the above two mods, but it’s main effect does not increase damage, and requires you to have a Kavat in order to use it, which does limit your Companion options. But the main effect still can be thought of as one, as far as that goes.
        • As for why Tek Gravity is an example, you can also consider Vigilante Supplies, which is harder to come by. That mod gives your Primary weapons ammo mutation, and can be involved in increasing your Crit chance based on it’s own set bonus. Tek Gravity’s set bonus is also damage-involved, but not very strong compared to an actual weapon itself. If Vigilante Supplies counts as an Exilus mod for Primaries, this could potentially count as a Melee Exilus.
    • Regarding Arch-weaponry, I’d like to consider Archguns first, since the main balance point at this time is bringing Guns up to a higher level towards Melee. There aren’t very many mods that work as QoLs for them at the moment, but more mods could be made to help with that.
      Category:Archwing Gun Mods | WARFRAME Wiki | Fandom

      Starting with existing mods:
      • Ammo Chain increases your total ammunition by +100%, essentially doubling your ammo. It has no direct effect on DPS, and therefore would be a good Archgun Exilus example.
      • Resolute Focus is mostly a QoL-esque mod for Archguns, but it has another effect that might be considered as a slight DPS increase, reducing the spread of your bullets or other weapon fire. If this were made into an Exilus mod, perhaps the bullet spread effect could only apply in either ground or Space, if it were to be balanced in some way to prevent a DPS increase?
    • Other possibilities for Archgun Exilus mods could be;
      • Reducing the Animation time / increasing the speed of equipping the Archgun on the Ground.
        • Alternatively, perhaps it could allow you to move around while summoning the weapon?
        • Perhaps this could also let you put the weapon away faster on the ground? Not affecting the cooldown duration though.
      • Faster weapon-swapping / holster-speed in Space (For Primary weapons, they have Twitch).
      • Tagging a target after shooting them briefly, allowing you to see them through cover? Similar to Revealing Spores, which is an Exilus Mod as well!
        • This could probably have a duration of 15 seconds, similar to Dispatch Overdrive.
          • It could perhaps be done with only a certain number of enemies at a time (15s per individual enemy), so it doesn’t brighten up your screen too much & hurt your eyes :)
      • A silencing mod for Archgun fire, similar to Hush, etc.! It could be thought of as a giant muffler, to eliminate sound that’d alert enemies.
    • As for Archmelee mods, they are mostly about status or DPS-related things. So if they were to have an Exilus slot as it is now, there’s only one mod that fits the bill.
      Category:Archwing Melee Mods | WARFRAME Wiki | Fandom
      • Astral Autopsy, kills made via Archmelee perform a codex scan of the target. It certainly isn’t involved in DPS, so it would be a good example of an Archmelee Exilus.
    • To justify having an Archmelee Exilus slot, more mods would have to be made to add some variety! Some possibilities could include;
      • A mod similar to Guardian Derision, but without the increase to combo count chance. This would allow you to block with Archmelee and bring enemies away from your allies, which could help depending on the situation.
        • In and of itself, the taunting aspect of Guardian Derision seems more like a QoL effect than not, as it doesn’t affect DPS in and of itself; Ergo that part could be an acceptable Archmelee Exilus effect.
      • Perhaps an Archmelee Equivalent to Healing Return? It could even have the same drain of 16 perhaps, considering that Cutting Edge has a drain of 16 now, as a +base damage mod.
        • I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t have a healing mod for Archmelee, since regular Melee has it already.
      • Similar to the second effect of Motus Impact, perhaps another Archmelee Exilus could allow you to quickly recover from being staggered by making an attack with your Archmelee weapon?
        • Depending on whether you’re using the Melee weapon to attack the enemy in close quarters or not, this might be slightly DPS, if you keep getting staggered in various small places. It may take some brainstorming.


    Thanks for hearing me out on that! I’m just looking forward to seeing what happens with Guns, etc. & Melee next. I would think there’s a number of ways the future could unfold with weapons, especially with Exilus capabilities.


By the way @Kegnor97;
(I couldn't figure out how to quote you from a different page; I started this post on Page 8, and you mentioned your thoughts on Page 5)


(Next-best thing compared to an actual forum quote!)

can we expect a bigger warframe-mech interactivity in the future?

I love mechs, but with orphix being the only mission type where they are required, chances are that I just keep using voidrig who can destroy the orphix more effectively than bonewidow and while I think is great that we can bring our mechs to nay RJ mission, I don't feel that motivated to use them since a regular warframe can do just fine.

I think it would be nice if we could boost our mechs with existing warframe abilities (wisp giving bonewidow an attack speed bonus with reservoir for example) and viseverza (some future mech boosting warframes or giving strategic advantage with an ability that persists after exiting the mech) 

I’m glad you asked about that; I thought of a lot of options for that sort of thing in this thread!

  • Although this might seem like the other way around from what you suggested.


Essentially, I thought of multiple ways that Necramechs can enhance some of the things Warframes and Operators can do, so that those who like using Mechs quite a bit sometimes (Like myself) can be a benefit to non-Necramech users. In the thread, I’ve also covered new hypothetical passives for both Mechs (Since they display as a blank spot when you hover over them); Voidrig’s Backup Power, & Bonewidow’s The Entrati Endure.

  • Beyond benefiting non-Mech users, I’ve also got a few ability synergies with each Mech’s own abilities, and a couple of ways one type of Necramech can benefit the other. There’s a lot of details, so feel free to check it out.



All in all, I'm definitely looking forward to the Devstream tomorrow. Thanks again for hearing me out on all of this; I hope you & the rest of the Dev Team stay safe during these times. Take care :)

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When people made you aware of the possible health risks the void storms could cause, you almost reacted immediately and according to player feedback, lowered the intensity of said effect.  Is there any reason in particular (someone's "vision" aside) why this https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1203051-psa-brightness-changes-in-hotfix-2806/ hasn't been adressed at all for almost a year? Not even a comment?

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23 hours ago, (PSN)WetPollito said:

As a multiplatform player I really want to know  - any new about cross save?

We have been ignored for long time, at this moment I have 2 different platform account in 28/30 mastery, that means a lot of time/work and dedication


Stop ignoring this questions!, do not just say "Working on it", that is unacceptable!


The solution to this if "working on it" isn't acceptable is to either say, "no, it's not done" or to provide no updates until it is. I get reinforcing how much people want this feature and I want it to but this isn't going to make it come out any faster.

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I wonder some time in the futuure will we eventually be able to change the materials on frames and weapons like for example have id be able to have my whole frame and weapon have fleshy infested materials like nidus's materials to make my frame and weapon look infested like or is that a pipe dream and it wont happen? thanks if answered

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Any plans to update Darvo? Hes a very outdated NPC and honestly a platinum trap for newer players. There's a lot that can be done with the character (especially now with the Corpus lore expansion).

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I've been maxed MR24 for 4 days now & am not getting my MR25 test notification...

I'm on the Xbox 1 system...

Me & my gf play almost every single day but these bugs are getting worse than those in Assassin's  Creed!!!

How about fixing all these current glitches b4 introducing new content?

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One of the missions for the anniversary event had a map with the grineer ship tile set with no lights, similar to the early missions for Chains of Harrow. These were fantastic.

Would it be possible to have more regular missions with this? It really allows the weapons and frame abilities to provide a very enlightening experience. Maybe have waves of Grineer Ghouls charge through as a trap?

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At some point in the last few months, some Warframe textures got dirtied up. I've noticed this on Grendel, Nidus Phrykke, Protea, to name a few. You basically can't use light colors on these frames without looking a mess. I've added Grendel and Nidus examples below.





Fashion frame, while second to gameplay, is still an important aspect to Warframe (and is certainly a moneymaker), so is there any consideration for fixing these textures, or at the very least adding a wear-and-tear slider to give us a choice on this, similar to the Orbiter or Railjack sliders? The dirty look actively kills any interest I have in these skins (and entire frames, when no other options exist), and it definitely feels extra bad to have dirty textures forced on us. In the case of deluxe skins like Nidus Phrykke, it's effectively a bait and switch as well, because the skin no longer looks like the skin I was originally attracted to and paid for.


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Been collecting these for a while. Some new; all still exist.

1. "Failed to create session." lockout at navigation from squad disbanding (Matchmaking/Navigation breaks on forums)
2. Universal end-of-mission() function to be used and checked against for Operator/Warframe, end-of-mission loading (I get left in missions with Mission Summary locking functionality) and any other issue (Railjack dup-frame, seen Wu-Clone dupped and followed host)
3. PoE&OV Bounties: are not initialized on start (at times); on Host Migration, the lastest part of Bounty is active with no reward (can cause confusion when leaving a group to go solo)
4. K-drive causes you to fall through PoE/OV ground at times (with effort, you can switch to archwing properly)
5. Twitch Drops 2.0 does not work when watching on Xbox Twitch App
6. Public load times: I have been able to load the coffee maker, brew coffee and make a cup and still not be in a mission (Matchmaking/Navigation breaks on forums)
7. Plants: scanner gives a "purple cloud effect" (example) around plants (there are some tiny plants); plants locations behind/under environment are unable to be scanned
8. Synthesis scanner always beeping - why?; all scanner sound toggles (codex incomplete, codex complete, plant, wildlife, etc.)
9. Earth: single defense tile (issues cause mobs to get stuck in far corner of maps); universal time scale for Missions and PoE; seasons, in some locations?
10.Foundry items: Mining build count selector (after 60mins of mining in PoE/OV, I hate spending 60-90mins refining)
11. Left/Right shoulder aim swapping
12. Eliminate Child-Gear as Gear Wheel options (ie.: Blue dye, fish bait, etc.)
13. Have "Drill" and "Fishing" as Parent-Gear options for all Rods and Drills; Have Rods auto-swap based on needs (as fish bait already only shows what is allowed to be used, PoE bait is not an option in OV)

Edit 14. Kuva Lich Larvling died on Enceladus (Saturn Sabatoge) without offering Lich weapon when killed by squadmate.

Edited by (XBOX)Elvarm
Newly discovered bug
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20 minutes ago, (XBOX)PISCESWOLF72 said:

I've been maxed MR24 for 4 days now & am not getting my MR25 test notification...

I'm on the Xbox 1 system...

Me & my gf play almost every single day but these bugs are getting worse than those in Assassin's  Creed!!!

How about fixing all these current glitches b4 introducing new content?

I know they feeling. I just posted, here, a list of issues - some new and some that are 5 years old (I started Jan 2015).

They ~need~ to put out new content, to keep going.

Sadly, I don't believe they have a team just to fix issues.  This would be nice, as I've seen bugs simply move from one "fixed" situation to another similar situation (Example: Railjack Warframe dup now dups Wukong Clone to follow Host; we tried to get a 3rd Wu-Clone, no luck).

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When Fortuna came out, we got to see one of the two new characters from the Warframe Comics added into the game, Little Duck. Will we ever get to see the other character, Mitsuki, brought into the game? I would love to see more of her as there are neat implications with the Arogya Medica.


Thank you!

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The weapon-specific amalgam mods are a very cool idea, giving us a bit more expression in our builds. What are the chances of getting the broken one working again1 , or new ones showing up?

1 Furax wraith, because 6 blast procs is now hot garbage instead of a knockdown.

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