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Coming Soon: Devstream #154!

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Now that the hype of the new items is easing out, are Railjack runs seeming to have increased or decreased compared to Gian Point pre-update 29.9?

and is nerfing the affinity gained from RJ seems the right way to get more people to play RJ? (i.e. affinity gained from fighter kills vs. affinity gained from crewship kills)

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DE PLS FIX LOGIN FAIL PROBLEM! i cant get in to warframe and i want to see dev stream in game. And i really want to play warframe again 😭😭😭  i love Ur game and i really want to play so in ur next hotfix pls try ur best to fix this.

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Questions for the stream:

-Bursa/Hyenna/Razorback/Raknoid pet?

-Will we meet Stalker in the story again?

-Any progress on arch melee on foot or another arch-thing version? like Kaszas Prime or something

-Will we get the Dual Kuva Jat Kittag?

-Why we don't have a reward "balancer"? I don't know how hard would be to implement this but something like


if playerInventory(reward) >= 2 then




would be a great help in the grinding of certain things.

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Any chance of adding potential clarity to older enemy attacks e.g Scorpion/Ancient ripine ability? Often times it feels like their grapple appears before their animation is even finished. Nox is another example, where he'll cackle and then start charging, but you'll be knocked down before his body actually reaches you. Also curious about potentially giving Energy Leech Eximus some sort of aura around them, or even releasing a percentage of the energy they drained upon death?


I was also wondering if there were any plans to slow down the gameplay? While fast is fun, missions have felt more 'speedrunny' than ever, and with melee in its current state/weapons like the Bramma, other weapons like single target assault rifles/bows/snipers just feel too slow to use. And I love blitzing through a level blasting everything with my Bramma, but I know its gotta be problematic from a design standpoint. I think this is specifically reflected in player's discouragement when Defense was one of the modes picked for Corpus Railjack, the current gameplay loop is just too fast for Defense.

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Sadly won't be watching because of work, but it will be on my birthday, so this is exciting. As for the questions:

  • Will there be any changes to Revenant with the deluxe Skin?
  • Is the Synergy with the Cedo glaive + Catalyze on Lavos intentional? It seems very overpowered for how easy it can be spammed.
  • Are there any other planned changes for Warframes?
  • I want Gun for my birthday
  • I have seen that along with the Corpus railjack update, they once again have new weapons that we don't have access to. Along with the Nox's gun, will we be given these weapons to use or are they for enemies only? (New Corpus have a Arch-gun style weapon, Machinists have a flamethrower, Nox's have the toxic gun etc etc.)
  • (more of a personal question) I bought the Deimos supporter pack, only to find out I cant use the Pistol skin on dual pistols, and the Shotgun skin on all Shotguns. Is there a way it can be allowed on dual pistols and all shotguns? My main problem with this is becuase its a decent chunk of money to spend on special skins that are limited to certian guns.
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I want to say about Buff interface in this game - its terrible:

Its in different places of display (some buffs in top right corner, other buffs in bot right corner)

Icons provide little information and they are always have one same color

Its very hard to play comfortable and look on display when fight and check 2(!) corners for buffs cooldown. In my solution i just check 1 of 2 corners but i dont think that its right

For example look old mmo lineage2 interface buff - 

1 its draggable

2 icons have color and logic image so you remember it

3 when its ending u see cooldown always in flashing icon

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1.Any thoughts in reworking enemy AI from tab targeting/homing attacks to something that encourages smart movement/ dodging and positioning? 

2.Can melee get a dash move?( I mostly use bullet jump+air melee as a makeshift dash but its not fully reliable due to times ending up in crouch and getting pinned down)


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-1) Converted Kuva liches are seemingly inferior for the required effort for required to obtain a converted kuva liche. What kind of changes if any can we expected from converted kuva liches so player base will be encouraged to have preference for the converted kuva liche over the standard crewmate? I go into great detail on this subject in another feed back post i made a while back open the spoiler for the additional info.



-2) crewmates like converted kuva liches are also inferior in normal game play compared to the standard warframe spectres. Can we expect any changes to these items in normal missions?

-3) Necramechs on March 8th we were told we would be getting necramechs in ALL MISSIONS and we all were teased that we all knew what that meant. 2 days later this was changed to "prevent issues", but it was implied to still be the intended idea. When, if its still intended, can we expect to see necramechs truely be released in all missions?



-4) Necramechs are the 2nd Transferable object we have been able to use since the "war within quest". Necramechs also fall under the category of "vehicles" in the arsenal. I really enjoyed using the Golden Maws (orokin worms). In the future will be able to swap the necramech out for a deployable Golden Maw instead, or any other Transferable vehicle equipped with a transference bolt?



And listed are a few quality of life additions questions.

1) The relay you can play octavia's music in. In the orbiter we have the somacord tones as well as any song you have saved. In the near future, can we expect the dojo getting the same treatment in terms of placable music? spoilers reveal a reason as to why this is a desired feature.


In the orbiter we have the somacord tone which plays all created music. the request is simple make it placable in the dojo.

below are locations of the music found in the origin system starting with the orbiter.


Next a variant is found in the relays.


But what we really want is the somacord to be availiable here, (in the dojo).


so we can do this, but live and with in-game music, to in-game folks.

Zephyr Dance prty - YouTube

2) As MR 30's we can be honored by anyone inside a relay for granting blessings, but can our clan erect a statue in our honor in the dojo? Can this future be added to the dojo? is been long time desired amongst the community now that we see its functional can the dojo people finally add it? reveal spoilers for examples of desired results.


This is wut MR 30's currently have. Note: it doesn't have to be restricted only to MR 30's just the statue making alone would be awesome in the dojo.


This is what we have requested for the longest time in the dojo. and even this is far more detailed then the actual requests were in times past. just to be able to change out the loki warframe for another generic would be awesome, much like the back drop change outs we currently have.

this is what we got roght now in the dojo:



3) back in 2019 when DE started revolutionizing the dojo, DE added orbiter decorations as an option to decorations in the dojo. We couldn't help but notice some "Articulas were missing from this list after the official declaration "NOW ALL ORBITER DECORATIONS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE DOJO". Will we ever get any of our articulas added to the dojo? reveal spoilers for example of topic.


as you can see i have two pics below of my current inventory. the first showing what I can in the orbiter.


The second picture here shows what I can donate and, indirectly, what can be placed. as you can see articulas are absent from this list.DflwaTi_d.webp?maxwidth=760&fidelity=grand

4) The dojo is filled and with opportunity for growth. The drydock is the only room with NPCs. In the future will we see additions of purchasable and placeable NPCs? After all, the domestic drone is placeable and donatable, and the crewmates walk around in the railjack its self. I cant imagine it would be so much different to then add cephalon suda minions to the dojo as placeable characters. see spoilers for evidence of this.


here is what we currently have as examples of NPC's in the dojo. starting off in the dry dock as characters chilling around the dry dock un movable, and unplaceable, as solid entities to the dry dock.


before proceeding to the next examples i would love to simply place one of the above characters you see here:


after all, i can place moving domestic drones anywhere.


lets not mention the crewmates running around in the railjack.


all I'm asking is standard place able crewmate decorations if you will to add alittle more life aside from the colorful plant and rock already on display.

5) with the addition of railjack often my teammates report having been able to shoot, kill, melee in the dry dock following a mission. is it possible in the future to have a mission where the players have to defend the dojo from grineer/corpus/infested invaders? (proof post pending. as the time I wrote this question, I am awaiting an upload of a vid and it will take more time then I have to make this post. I will post evidence of this question as a plausible possibility in-game mechanically, after I obtain the footage, in another forum post.) 

6) it appears that the only truely valid arua mod for the rail jack is deeply swayed and unbalanced in the favor for "Iron Clad matrix" often this aura mod places players in a situation where they have to make a choice: 1)choose to have the railjack take hits and survive (survival of the railjack is required for mission success) or choose flying a fast crewship (which even with 4 auras still doesn't deal enough damage to be effective in combat), buff the archwing (has the issue as the first), or increase your damage (often not neccessary with MKIII). it quickly becomes appearent when in veil proxima the player doesn't have much choice and must run the ironclad matrix to complete the mission or risk mission failure. Can we expect to see this changed so a player can be effective in a crewship/archwing and not risk mission failure, or will the player be forced to focus on babysitting the railjack?


I am very happy to have corpus empyrean on all platforms as promised. I like this trend of releasing content on all platforms and hope to see continual trends like this in the future and take these key steps towards cross-play, helping join the community regardless of platform choice allowing everyone to experience the origin system as a community rather than divided sects. you guys have done great work. i am thrilled to see different game modes in corpus empyrean and you guys do a good job at improving the game.

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Regarding Liches:
Can't the Dojo room house our friendly liches? Right now it is so empty and boring.
I'd like them to really have their quarters there. Any chance that'll be implemented?

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On 2021-04-29 at 4:01 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Devstream_154.pngHi Everyone!

Join us on April 30th at 2 p.m ET for a first look at what’s next for Warframe: Update 30.5!
Viewers of this Devstream will be the first to meet our next Warframe and find out the name of Update 30.5 and what it entails!

We’ll also be discussing Call of the Tempestarii and going over community questions - post them in this thread! We’re locking things Friday at 10 a.m ET. 

Join us on twitch.tv/warframe and earn 3x Scintillant for watching! Xbox Tenno will have an Alert up during 2-3 PM for this Drop!

See you Friday, Tenno!

1 hour ago, Empyofsheep said:

That is ember deluxedebby-illanes-ember-deluxe-debbysheen-s.


They must be showing off a new Warframe as well as that skin for Ember given how the first post is written.

'Viewers of this Devstream will be the first to meet our next Warframe'

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Are we working on the bug where (on PS4 at least) when you return back to your orbiter your squad is disbanded? I love the updates to railjack, before it was unplayable due to motion sickness for me so thank you! Looking forward to hearing more about Fortuna's third spider!

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Pope prime when? :P

Jokes aside now i would want to know about the new liches and maybe if you are planning infested liches as well. If only on paper i mean. Infested liches would take a time to come  but would complete the the set of each faction getting a lich system and rewards :) 

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Are you guys going to fix the spawn rate issues that still plague some console players? Specifically on PS4, the extermination parts of free roam Sorties on Eidolon, and Demois bounties not spawning enough enemies to complete missions within time limits?

Any update on the new Revenant skin(s)?

Still quite a few people on PS4 also posting about abilities just turning themselves on randomly. Any word on a fix for that? 

Still love your game and you guys kick ass.





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I have to say that I love Warframe. I know you guys work hard to give us amazing content. Since the last few updates, i have been having escalating issues with overall glitchiness. I have an xbox one with 1tb storage and have 68% free space. Is the glitchiness something from your end that is fixable or do I need to consider saving for an X series console?


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