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Coming Soon: Devstream #154!

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4 minutes ago, ArgonautTitan said:

I hope you peeps are going to discuss more about the Dojo QOL because the Oxium grind is soul-crushing right now.

Neurodes are also a problem, morphics and gallium are pretty farmable on mars steelpath neurodes, are nightmare


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A question for the devstream: When will we get the new Two handed nikana stance that you announced alongside the new warfan stance? As it stands now the current two handed nikana stance feels garbage from when it was gutted when the melee rework happened.

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Summary of things still juggling in the air...


-A proper story mode containing the old events

-Wall running still not a thing

-UI still unfinished

-Operator/Focus revisit

-Command wheel for pets

-Leverian not seeing any entry for a while

-Many new frames still don't have noggles

-Gunplay rebalance

-Drop chances revision

-Rage melee mode

-Modulary archwing

-Archwing melee revisit

-Old fames next revision pass

.Many enemy weapons not available (loads of new Corpus ones, Nox goo launcher...)

-Railjack integration with open worlds

-Squad link

-Sorties 2.0

-3rd Orb fight

-Sergeant/Phorid boos fights revisions

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Will frames that have a personal quest never be given a Leverian entry or are the two mutually exclusive?

Have you considered making non-voiced Leverian entries that covers weapons, objects or enemies? Warframe has a lot of potential for lore but it feels like you're not using the small pieces to build a bigger picture, instead only building big pieces at a time.

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Very excited for this DevStream! Will Corpus Liches be discussed? Will we see Revenant Deluxe in game as well?

Has there been any momentum on the update for primaries and secondaries? I can't wait for that update!

As a previous person asked, will we ever be able to just select which syndicate we want to farm for and remove the need for syndicate sigils?

Could pets please have mod-able weapons like Sentinels? There are a ton of pet mods and at the current moment, stuff like frost jaws feel abandoned but would be awesome if our pets could use them.

Are there any frame reworks/mini-updates on the horizon? Hydroid, Valkyr, Nyx, Frost, Garuda, etc. could all use some love.

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There are some plans to bring new amp parts or/and new arcanes for the amps and the operator? Since in the last devstream was implied that a focus rework will come with new operator lore/mechanics/revisions, it's possible to get something in between for Operator players?

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Just now, (NSW)DharakHasaki said:

Any news to share about the Duvuri Paradox? I spotted  the dragon from the trailer ingame while farming void storms and can’t stop thinking about it 

They have confirmed that this for sure won't be touched this year and will likely be released next year.

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Just had 2 quick questions

1. Update 29.5 (Deimos Arcana) did 5 small changes to a few Warframes, fixing some issues they had (Chroma not being able to swap elements and Ash's bladestorm taking too long to stack up for example)
Are there any plans on doing something similar to this in the future? While there are some Warframes that do need a more fleshed out rework, some only need minor changes to be in a better spot (for example, Mirages Eclipse being toggleable between forms, and Grendels' 1/ Oberons' 3 having an energy drain cap, akin to Sevagoths Shroud)

2. K-drives have almost always been outclassed by archwings since they were added, however; K drives have been shown to work decently well in more confined spaces (IE Deimos' Vaults and Orb Vallis' Corpus bases). With confined spaces in mind, has the team ever considered adding K-drives to standard missions, or any works on making them a better alternative than archwings in open worlds?

As always, thank you for your time, and I hope the team is staying safe :)

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