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1) Codex scanners are used for Botanist and Investigator, but having them on 2 different sentinels makes no sense to me. IMO, having them would both on Helios makes more sense as Investigator stops scanning things, but Botanist would be another reason (besides Deconstructor) to use Helios. Also, removal of the codex scanner's carriage cap.

2) Archmelee kinda sucks for fast targets and ability to hit them is player-subjective, so Astral Autopsy seems far less useful. Allowance of Sentinels in archwing, or at least their precepts (=Investigator) would fill in for Astral Autopsy if you cant hit the target.

3) Investigator scanning outside the ship if you're in the Railjack turrets.

4) Either sentinels following your Necramech, or a codex-scanning mod for Necramech. Stems from Orphix Venom parking sentinels outside the field and my Helios getting squashed.

5) Infested pods on Deimos burst far too fast for you to react to them or Investigator to fully scan them. If that's to be the case, Investigator should get the full scan on lighting them up.

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