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Eros Arrow Skin uses wrong textures when used on Dread with Day of the Dead skin


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While I'm elated that we can keep the eros skin on all year round without it taking up space on the gear wheel, I noticed that when I use it with my day of the dead skin, the Eros Arrows in the quiver use what appears to be the default dread arrow texture on the eros arrow model. Here's a comparison:
This is the normal dread with the eros arrow skin:

While this is the day of the dead dread with the eros arrow skin:
I hope no one on consoles is experiencing this bug, btw. It's definitely got to be an issue with the current version of warframe since I actually optimized and verified my download today, and I only play PC, so I can't speak for consoles.

Edit: I also checked to see if it had something to do with the order in which the cosmetics were applied; it doesn't seem to be a case of the Day of the Dead Dread (day of the dread?) skin being applied AFTER the Eros Arrow skin and overwriting it, since it didn't matter WHICH order the skins were equipped in. That said, I don't know what order the graphics engine handles skins in, so I can't be sure

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