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Trank Rifle + Ivara's Sleep Arrow = Animal Forever Sleep


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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: My friends and I were in the Plains of Eidolon doing lots of Conservation efforts as a team of Ivaras. Sometimes we use Trank Rifles, sometimes just Sleep Arrows. Sometimes we do it at the same time, and this bug happens. Didn't see it anywhere in the forms so figured I'd report it. 
  • VISUAL: Don't have a screenshot yet, happened a few times so far and forgot to screencap. The animal just stands still with a gray healthbar and has an idle animation, also animates getting hit if we shoot or melee it after, but doesn't allow you to recall them or actually kill them. 
  • REPRODUCTION: If there is a cluster of animals, one person shoots a Trank Rifle and the other uses a Sleep Arrow as Ivara. The one that gets hit with both gets this bug, we dubbed "The Forever Sleep"
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Expected to just be able to treat them like the rest of the animals that get knocked out.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Animals just stand there, unresponsive to Conservation or murder efforts
  • REPRODUCTION RATE:  About a 10% chance of it happening? Haven't been able to intentionally replicate it yet but it did happen like 6+ times. We are doing more bug hunting right now. 


We are currently going to another to try this bug outside of Plains of Eidolon. Will update with screenshots if I'm able to. 

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Happened two more times in Orb Valis. Starting to notice it most commonly happened with clustered animals, possibly something to do with trying to recall too many animals so quickly? One time an animal was frozen in the recall state, recalled by one friend but the other and I did not receive the tags for it. 



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