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Svengali, Warframe of Manipulation


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Warframe: Svengali

Description: Svengali Controls an entire battlefield like it's a stage.
Stats - rank 30

Health - 300

Shield - 225

Armor - 175

Energy - 285

Sprint - 1.2

Passive: Puppets absorb 30% of all damage done to you.
Ability 1: Phantom Manipulator

Become invisible to enemies, unlimited duration but consumes energy each second, attacking breaks invisibility.

Energy 8

Affected by Efficiency
Ability 2: Puppet Master

Turn an enemy into a puppet, controlling it permanently until it dies, increases damage and damage resistance of enemy by 30%.

40 energy
Max: 3

Affected by Strength and Efficiency.
Ability 3: Manipulators Grip.

Cover an area with strings that slows enemies and inflicts bleed.
Covers a forward 45 Degree cone angle.

Energy 50
Duration 8
Range 3
Bleed (damage?), procs once every second.

Affected by Range, Duration, Efficiency and Strength
Ability 4: Grand Finale

All enemies within the radius are controlled to attack each other, Strips armor

100 energy
6 second duration
-4% armor a second
8 range

Affected by Range, Duration, Efficiency and Strength

This is just a random concept I came up with while thinking of ventriloquists. 

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