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[Railjack] Sitting inside your necramech in a crewship at the time it explodes causes some bugs


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These bugs are dependent on each other

Firstly, if you're in a necramech in a crewship when the crewship explodes, you're still in your mech... walking in space.

Secondly, inside the mech, if you melee (which will cause you to do a slam) to reach the "bottom" of space, then go into operator (forcing you into archwing, logically), instead of keeping you in that same spot, you get glitched "under" the map. And because there's a "ground" to space, you can only move around horizontally, not vertically.

From here, recalling to railjack still works, but doesn't set the camera to the correct spot, or let you move the camera around (you can still walk around and use the tp points in your tactical menu) - this fixed itself when we returned to dry dock

This may be unrelated, but upon returning to the dry dock, even though I don't have the map open (I have minimap in the top left corner), I get the map legend. When I have the map open, I don't get the map legend (I didn't take a screenshot of this latter one).


EDIT: after some testing, I found that you need to blow up the crewship with the forward artillery. If you destroy the crewship, then go into your mech, you (as expected) get booted from your mech and normally go into archwing

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