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My original concept of a Warframe idea I have no artwork to show I am not a animator or graphic designer. I purpose a warframe that is a stealth assassin killing in disguise and more. The numbers can work themselves out this is about the concept of the abilities main function and without further adu I present my idea.



Chameleon The Warframe of Disguise


While Chameleon is invisible primary and secondary reload 25% faster and movement speed is increased by 15%

First Ability


Chameleon extends his tongue to grab an enemy tossing them and when they stand back up they are stunned for a short time. this is a single target ability.

Second Ability

Throwing Knives 4 Set

Similar to Vauban's grenades this will be a cycle between 4 different throwing knives with different abilities.

Zip Tie

Chameleon throws a throwing knife that bounces from one enemy to the next tieing them all up then pulling them together. (duration for how long they are tied up) (range will determine how far the knife goes from each bounce before tieing them all up.) (strength will determine how many enemies can get tied up with the maximum being at max strength 15.)

Bleeding Surprise

Chameleon throws a single knife causing a hemorrhage making the enemy bleed taking slash damage and ithe knife will explode causing blast damage. (Duration will count for how long each knife thrown last before exploding) (range how far the blade will travel) (strength scales the damage)

Jamming Knives

Chameleon throws a fan of homing knives that will seek enemies weapon's out disabling their weapons forcing them to resort to melee. (Strength determining how many knives will come out and seek enemies with a maximum at max strength 15.) (range travel distance)

Crippling Blow

Chameleon throws a fan of knives seeking out enemies weakspots causing them to be slowed and have increase damage vulnerability. (strength determining how much they are slowed and damage vulnerability) (duration how long the effect last) (range travel distance) The fan of knives should affect 10 enemies at a time with each cast.


Third Ability

Stalking Hunt

Chameleon turns invisible gaining increased movement speed & fire rate with melee only and deals x2 critical damage when hitting enemies in the back! (strength determining movement speed increase & critical damage) (duration determining how long the ability last with max duration equating out to 60 seconds.)

Fourth Ability


Chameleon targets a enemy and shapeshifts to become them blending in with the enemies & using their capabilities. (This ability will be efficiency based energy drain with scaling damage by the enemies level)

This will be our concept's main damage dealing ability as the others will fall off more or less this will be the only ability that scales up to be our main killing ability when all else fails.

As for Nullifiers Chameleon will be able to shapeshift into them only being able to cast the ability on them when their bubble is down. If chameleon steps into a nullifier while a shapeshift is on obviously the jig is up. Any enemy will be applicable to this ability except for bosses, the stalker & his acolytes. Now the big question up to debate is should this ability be able to be used on allies to become their warframes? I think so and if so while in their form you copy their stats and mod config to match them. I can see why nay sayers would say no to allies and that is fine if we cannot use it on allies. The next major question is should this ability be allowed to assume the form of a Kuva Lich if he should appear in a mission again I would say yes to this. I can see why people would say no to that as well keep in mind the energy drain while in shapeshift would probably be equivalent to excaliburs exalted blade. All of that can be worked out keep in mind the main function alone. Shapeshifting into sentients will make the energy drain by twice the amount.


All the numbers can be worked out appropriately by DE keep in mind when posting your critique is about the functions themselves and as far as artwork goes I would need someone to design that if we can get behind the idea. I think it would be a nice fun idea to keep things interesting with using a new character.


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