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Partner Locked?



Went to trade a MR 12 item with another player. He started the trade, and it said 'partner locked' for the item, and several other items below MR 12. But when I started the trade, the 'partner locked' disappeared. I am MR 12 and the other player was higher. Why did it say that? Items With The 'partnered locked' were blueprints for guandao Prime, helios prime , mesa prime, banshee prime, lex prime, nezha prime, redeemer prime, soma prime, tipedo prime, bronco prime, and aksomati prime.  I've traded for some of these items, and also have some built. All of them are MR 12 or below.

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Did you or them spawn in the Dry Dock on Railjack.

Most likely not in affinity proximity (no further than about 50 meters) just get them to spawn closer to you, it happens a lot if the other player spawns in the Dojo's Railjack.

Here's more info if you want to look up other trade issues.


https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Trading Half way down the page for partner locked.

Cannot sell item, it shows "Partner Locked".

  • Check that the buyer has sufficient Mastery Rank.
  • If they have a sufficient MR, they must be located within affinity proximity (no further than about 50 meters) within the Dojo. Being too far away is a known bug that causes the game to assume the buyer has MR 0. Please ensure you can see your buyer and try to trade again.


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