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Call of the Tempestarii quest reactions.


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Intro - Mail
Cy's fun.
I get Noodle Incidents, but I don't remember Lucretia Platform.

Mission 1.
Having going though a debris field as a mission objective is new.
Is it 'Glarios' or 'Glaurios'? Vala says the latter, Cy says the former, as do the subtitles.
We require more Vosphene Gas glyphs.
Ah, so we have a Captain Ahab situation? Alright.

Mission 2.
I'm not current on Corpus naval hardware, but I'm pretty sure that that's an Obelisk (as per the text on the wrecked ship in  the extraction tile from Corpus AW), not a Pillar.
Unknown ship's called Tempestarii. Alright.
Missing since the Old War. But we see it come out of (Void transit? The specifics of space travel in Warframe are not clear. I'm assuming that the Rail system is used for inter-planetary and Void-jumping for interstellar... Except that Mag P's Codex says the Solar Rail sends ships through the Void, so ??? The entire subject is probably worth revisiting.). The Void's not been implicated in any temporal shenanigans thus far. I think WH40k's Warp/Empyrean is leaking.
Tempestarii rescued 2000+ 'souls'? That's new nomenclature. Also, not clear whether that's actually a large number, depends on the crew complement of your standard space vessel.

Mission 3.
Hm. Souls again.
'She'? And someone's "requesting" our presence. Female-derived ship's Cephalon?
Erm. Why does the Tempestarii have a Finger? (The Necraloid writings say The Other was only missing one, and we assume it's the one powering our Railjack.)
Nice shots of the Sevaghost. Who is apparently a 'he', therefore, not whomever called us.
Note to self: Tractor beams cause hallucinations?
Vala talks about Tempestarii destroying Lucretia Platform. We just, 1 mission ago, retrieved a log that said it's last mission was refusing to retreat from a (presumably) Old War engagement. Am I missing something?
Is the 'The Cold Below' bit supposed to be considered part of the canon, or is it gameplay and story segregation, giving you a while to enjoy the song and faff about with Sevaghost? Because if it's canon, wtf is going on right now?
... "Tracers locked"? If you're referring to Tracer ammunition, that'd be 'loaded'. If you're not, wtf are these 'Tracers' of which she speaks?
Tempestarii's got a nice gun  ^_^
Also, holy poop, that countermeasure packs a punch.
"Sisters! Hear me!"? I thought all the Sisters were killed at Lucretia Platform?

"Sevagoth. A Warframe believed lost to the Void forever. His energy almost extinct." Alright, sure.
"With his last spark of life, Sevagoth embraced his Shadow once again. And both were at peace." Erm. All very mood and such, but... Where's Sevagoth's Operator in all this? And what, exactly, did we just give a space-burial to?

... wat
Roll back to the previous scene:
* We just blew up Vala's ship (supposedly with some Void-powered munition).
* We jump into the Void, find Sevagoth's lifepod.
Jump back to Vala. I'm not getting the continuity here.
Didn't her ship blow up? How did she get into Granum's Void? What's Parvos doing there? Didn't he leave in the penultimate mission of the Deadlock Protocol?
Also, christ, that guy sends shivers down my spine.

Hoooooold dup. Did we just return to dock in the Temptestarii?!
Does this mean we can use it now? What about it's ship's Cephalon?
Wooo! Tempestarii skin?! \o/ Don't have it's gun, though, or it's ordinance (obviously).
Still, awesome.
Nothing about the Cephalon, though.

Post-Epilogue - Mail
Wait a sec, what do you mean 'we haven't seen the last of the Tempestarii'? I literally just flew in and docked it.


A nicely moody piece, with many beautifully cinematic shots.
Music's pretty darn cool.
Loved how the entire thing is almost one continuous mission - you do return to the dry dock, which brings up an end of mission screen, unfortunately, but there's nearly no interruption, which is great. Certainly a better experience than some of the older quest-frames *coughMiragecough*.

World-building coherency seems a complete mess, though I might be missing something.

Still, a good time was had.

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