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Killing Revenant's Thralls will occasionally not count towards Steel Path Exterminate objective


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During Exterminate missions (particularly those in the Steel Path), using Revenant's 'Enthrall' and then killing the thrall later will at times not count towards the Enemies Killed objective in Exterminate missions. This has happened on both Mars and Ceres, and happened most often after an encounter with an Assassin of some sort (Stalker or Grustrag, but not Acolytes), or by killing the thralls using the 'Reave' ability. It does not seem like it's guaranteed to happen, however; sometimes, killing a thrall increments the objective properly.

This bug can prevent the mission from being completed successfully if you make heavy use of 'Enthrall', as most enemies are eventually eliminated as thralls, but the counter fails to properly increment and allow for extraction; thus forcing you to abort the mission or otherwise remain softlocked.

Steps to Replicate: Enter an Exterminate mission on the Steel Path as Revenant, 'Enthrall' an enemy, and then kill that enemy later using 'Reave'. If an Assassin spawns during the mission while thralls are active, wait to eliminate thralls until killing said Assassin. Not guaranteed to replicate, but the chances are relatively high that the Enemies Killed counter will not increment.

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