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Selling Weapons Is Dangerous.


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Big props to the support team who helped me out immediately on this, I'm talking within 6 minutes.  Big thanks guys!


But the weapon inventory screen is very confusing.  When you click something, a bright white selection box surrounds it, which lead me to believe I was selling THAT weapon.  What I didn't notice was the green check mark appearing next to weapons I clicked around on before deciding what to sell.  Normally, green check marks only mean you OWN the item, so i must have missed it.  I selected one item (or so I thought), clicked sell and BAM half my weapons were gone.  D: 


To make the sell system clearer, either allow the player to only sell one item at a time, (which I thought was the case, since how many weapons do you generally need to sell at one time?) OR make the white selection box the toggle and get rid of the easily missed green check mark entirely. 


I don't understand what the white selection box means when the real indicator is the green check mark next to it.  That needs to be tweaked a bit.  And again, 6 minute response on my support ticket, HOLY MARY you guys are fast. :D  Keep up the good work boys!

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They did add a final list of all items to be sold during that transaction. Which is helpful.

However, I believe changing the UI a bit would help.

Specifically, instead of a check mark the entire panel for the item should be red-tinted, a very obvious "THIS IS GOING AWAY" 

type of visual flag.


I had this happen to me earlier this week, I'd accidentally sold my despair blueprint. Much like you, they resolved the situation almost immediately.

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DE should just add an "add to cart" button to each item/weapon/blueprint. That way all the weapons you want to sell go into a list/cart. The cart could be anchored to the bottom of the screen and show thumbnails of what you have added to the cart to sell.

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