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Just played Warframe on Geforce NOW ... extremely laggy.


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A part from my poor connection, I think there is another problem at play, as Destiny for instance ran perfectly fine.

My guess ... Warframe "stutter Loading" is messing up whatever process Nvidia uses to sync the game and the video sent by streaming.


If that is the case, i'm afraid a fully revamped a-sync loading system must be implemented ... but i thank the lord i'm not the one that has to do it!

In the specific, it might be the new method of building shaders on the fly as well, that messes up the flow of the game.

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Also, kinda funny for me at least, but this ,made me discover how both Settings and Keybinds are saved locally ... while gear for example is NOT.


One would say " that's for playing on different platforms " ... but that is already accomplished by the game having a distinction between controller and keyboard xD


As if when i'm at home i want to press Q for the gear wheel, but not when i'm at work, i want it to be E, cuz it's closer to they keys i should be using ...


.... wait actually, that absolutely makes sense! :D

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