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Plains of Eidolon Bounties are in need of an ultimate visit to its entirety


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Bounties in Plains of Eidolon need an immediate revisit. It's terrible to do it solo and it is NOT due to my lack of skill or power. Most phases and types of missions in the bounties feel like they were left untouched after the plains' update was released and it makes me think that the developers didn't have in mind at that time that some players would want to do the bounties solo. An example of this is the 'Secure the area' stage where you have to reach an area and kill 4 or 5 enemies and then secure that area from incoming enemies. This stage has a timer and something like 'percentage of security' where 4 or 5% is added to it every time an enemy is killed. The radius of the area is HUGE for a solo player. 1) when you are on one end of the circle you cannot notice enemies that drop in from the sky as a group in like mortar shells and they are so hard to see even from the sky after they drop. 2) Given the huge area enemy spawn rate is extremely slow. 3) The same type of mission stage in deimos only has a 100m diameter circle or 50m from the centre point of the circle which is reasonable for people doing it solo.

   But ultimately all bounties in the Plains and require a visit and some real changes.

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