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New Mara Baro weapon


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There is only one Mara weapon, so some players are wondering why isn't there another one. Since the only one is Corpus based, I was thinking about a Grineer based weapon like Mara Kulstar. This is not a complaint, but a suggestion. I hope other players will like and support such idea and wish the developers success on the next updates.

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There can very well be more weapons.

Here is something about Mara varient (according to the wiki):


Despite being from the Orokin Era, it does not appear to be manufactured by the Orokin. As a smuggler's weapon, it may be implied this weapon was designed outside of their authority. It might similarly be speculated this could be a clue to the very early origins of the Corpus.

Take it with a grain of salt as this is not official.
Mara varient according to this are actually Orokin era weapons, which implies it's closer to Prime variants and not Vandal or Prisma which are modded or improved weapons., and also that the Detron came after the Mara Detron. It also suggests the Mara Detron was designed outside the law.

According to this we have two parameters for a weapon to get a Mara variant:

  1. Orokin Era.
  2. If it's outside the law, then a Tenno weapon cannot be Mara variant.
  3. We can narrow it down more but these are not must have parameters:
    1. Corpus weapon. The Grineer are less likely to had the resources to design and make such weapons, not to mention the freedom to think for themselves. The Corpus had access to recources and more freedom in general. Not to say they had freedom, but more than the Grineer for sure.
    2. Not a strong weapon. Outside the law implys if it made too much buzz around it's existance, then it's a failed product. It suppose to be hidden from the Orokin for just enough time.
    3. Which also means it's mostly likely not a primery weapon because they are difficult to hide.

Taking your Mara Kulstar as an example I can defenetly see it happens. It's a small weapon that is easy to hide just like the Mara Detron. The only things that take the Kulstar down is that it shoots explosive rounds which makes too much noise and the fact it's a Grineer weapon.
You know Grineer weapons that I think can be the most likely to have a Mara variant: Sheev and Nukor. Small and silent.
Otherwise than most Corpus sidearms.

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