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Chroma: The Elemental Rebirth - (Personal Ability Fixing Opinion) [NOT CANON/OFFICIAL]


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This is not OFFICIAL, only a what-if. Chroma has been a downgrading Warframe since his release, and I want to make some changes that just occurred to me yesterday to upgrade his performance on our imagination. Whatever I put in here is in your opinion or judgement to express your thoughts about it. (also this is my second time writing something on the Forums.)

(Every Ability is affected by duration mods for the duration of the Status effect on the enemies, like Lavos.)


  • He will maintain the additional jump/Bullet Jump. 
  • Each of his abilities will have their own custom color slot separately for incredible elemental customization results before a missionExample: (FIRE/FIRE/FIRE/TOXIC), (ICE/ELECT/TOXIC/FIRE),(ICE/TOXIC/ICE/TOXIC), etc.
  • If an enemy that's already afflicted with one primary elemental status of an ability gets hit with another ability with another primary element, the current primary elemental status will get replaced with the resulting secondary element that came from the 2 primary elements. Elements coming from equippable weapons will not countExample: (Grinner afflicted by ICE status from Ability + incoming TOXIC ability attack = VIRAL status), (Corpus Robot afflicted by ELECT status from ability + incoming FIRE ability attack = RADIATION status), etc.

(1RST ABILITY): Spectral Scream (I was thinking to change it to: Spectral Roar, because of the following nature of the changed ability, opinions on this are welcomed.)

  • Chroma breaths out a sphere (basically a fireball) that is shot in a straight line. When it collides with an opponent or surface, it creates an AoE, affecting the surrounding enemies with it's selected element.
    • Ability Strength mods increases damage.
    • Ability Range Mods increases AoE range.
  • BONUS: This ability will increase performance if FIRE is selected, increasing AoE range further.

(2ND ABILITY): Elemental Coating (In my opinion, the name kinda suits the nature of the ability, opinions are welcomed)

  • Chroma coats/applies the abilities' selected element into his present equippable weapons. Additionally, kills with the Melee weapon grants Chroma stacks of extra health up to 3 times and heals him when stacks are at the peak and more are made, kills with the Secondary/Primary weapon will grant Chroma Fire Rate Buff and Arch gun weapon (yup, you heard that right) will grant Chroma Multishot Buff.
  • Note: The ability's chosen element will not mix with other elements from weapons, it doesn't increase secondary element base damage from the weapons, but it will stack with the same element in the weapons.
  • 2nd Note: Buffs are only activated if they're killed by the element selected from the ability.
    • Ability Strength mods will increase buff, heal and stack performance.
    • Ability Range mods will increase ability share with the teammates.
    • Ability Duration mods will increase the duration of the ability and it's buffs ; the buffs and the ability are separately timed since buffs can be refreshed, but not the ability.
  • BONUS: This Ability will increase performance if TOXIC is selected, increasing elemental damage.

(3RD ABILITY): Vex Armor (Not much of a change, but you're welcome to do it.)

  • ...............This Ability is good, though it's Armor and Elemental base damage caps at the amount of Ability Strength you apply to it, unlike other Warframes that are able to keep their strength conjoined to the map level and take advantage at the number of enemies to increase their armor (Rhino) or strength. (Then there's the lack of self-damage, which you have to wait for the enemy to do for you a favor.)
  • The Elemental damage boost will also affect the abilities elemental base damage just as it's doing to the weapons elemental base damage.

(4RTH ABILITY): Effigy

  • When you use the ability, Chroma detaches his pelt from his body and it comes to life to aid the Warframe. The Effigy will have 2 modes of functuality similar to the specters.
    • 1rst mode: Following: Tapping the ability once, the Effigy will follow you and attack the enemies along the way, breathing elemental spheres towards enemies close to it.
    • 2nd mode: Stationary: Holding down the ability will make Effigy move or appear at the position where you performed the action and it will stay stationed on that area, and do it's signature attack pattern like the old times, only that it will have a elemental dome around it, great for Defense missions. 
  • BONUS: This ability will increase performance in Stationary mode with ELEC/ICE elements selected. If ELEC is chosen, any enemy firing or making contact with the dome with electrify and create a Tesla Effect on their surrounding allies. If ICE is selected, the dome will have extra health and any enemy making contact with the dome will slowdown.
    • Ability Range will increase AoE and Dome range.
    • Ability Duration will diminish energy consumption.
    • Ability Strength will increase Dome Health.


Hope you enjoyed this. 

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