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Mandachord reworkish idea(balance):


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Currently if I recall correctly how the mandachord works is that the more beats you have in one row the more damage/scaling it does, HOWEVER many times it is not a good thing for the music type you are making, for example you have something upbeat, but it doesn't deal nearly as much damage as general ear bombing. So here is my idea for a "kinda rework".

Instead of scaling from how many beats are in one row in the mandachord it would scale with how many beats are in the mandachord from that category. So if you only have 1 beat in every 3 stages, they deal 100% effects on your songs, meanwhile having 3 beat in every 3 stage it would just have 33% effectiveness, but on all of your beats. The beats should have their own strengths categorized so drums would have 100% drum effects, meanwhile the others would have other effects. This way, regardless of how your song sounds like, it will always deal 100% of it's effects over the duration of the 4 parts, but will make people be willing to create the best music they can.

In example:

You use octavia's Metronome, however you have only 1 beat in the whole section for it, so other players see it approach and crouch, shoot, etc. at that time, it will instantly give them the buff. However, having a whole beat section for it would result in them having to hit the beat multiple times, because they would only get a part of it, however they can hit multiple times in 1 row so if they mess up they don't have to wait 1 full for correlation and that 1 beat is as easy to mess up as 4 anyway.

At the Mallet and Resonator it would result in the abilities dealing all damage multiple times(as many as beat slot rows are there) but at that one time only in their beat.

So technically that would just balance out mandachord for slower songs.

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On 2021-05-01 at 12:32 AM, (XBOX)GearsMatrix301 said:

People just want to be able to make longer songs, man.

Also it scales like this

Less notes: more damage.

More notes: less damage.


No, how it scales is how many notes are in ONE row.

For example having a big drop in your song is where the biggest effect will be. Each note has the same effect, but you can put currently in a drop, to make those effects better. What I would like is tho is the same concept, but without having to ruin a good music, by putting in a useless drop in it to make it effective.

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