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Fortuna and Orb Vallis


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I have put this under mission but to be fair it's more like an area. Fortuna and Orb Vallis is maybe the most buggy content in the whole game, and that's a shame. The outdoor guy is nice to have so you don't have to reset Orb Vallis every time GREAT concept but without resetting you run into unhackable consoles that are a part of the bounites. And then you have to fail your bounty.
This is my main problem but there are so many bug that me and my friend that are farming relics there run into bugs every bounty or every other one, some of the problem we have encountered are:
- Crashing (never crashed in other places of the game)
- Bounty failing before you arrive at the area
- Unhackable consoles
- Stuck in elevator between Fortuna and Orb Vallis (Still got all the rewards and items by ALT F4)
- Having to reset every time we do bounties.
- Waiting for spawn / not enough spawns to complete bonus in the time given

These points do add up over time, and farming for a few hours can feel like decades when you have to deal with failing and restarting all the time do to bugs. Please consider looking into it and make Fortuna a better more fun place to farm.


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