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Ordis/Cy on specific Warframe Buildings


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Hello, tenno! Something came to my mind today from my clan. What if, as we start building specific frames, Cy or Ordis would give their input on the specific frame being built? For example...

For Yareli (The frame that was revealed today (And I absolutely love her design)), Cy would say: "Water. A substance your Warframe named Hydroid uses to tow his enemies to the deep, while Yareli uses to cut through her foes... almost like a water bender. The daughter of the sea will be arisen from the water soon, crew." while Ordis will say: "Operator, have you heard about the daughter of the sea, Yareli? She uses water, just like Hydroid, to devastate her foes! Will you command the tempest with her?"

For Sevagoth, Cy would say: "The Tempestarii's Captain is being rebuilt. Reap your enemies with Sevagoth, crew." while Ordis would say: "Operator! The Tempestarii yearns for it's captain once more (Since we technically have the Tempestarii now with the skin)! Rebuilding Sevagoth will put the Tempestarii's crew back in action! Are you ready to take on the void storms and command the Tempestarii once more?"

Or for Lavos, Ordis would say: "Are you interested in the art of transmutation, operator? Lavos is being built to teach you that art!", while Cy would say: "Transmutation. A foul art that was once feared by the orokin. Lavos adapts it, embraces it. Lavos and his arts will be yours to command soon, crew."

Or even for Xaku, Cy would say: "A frame. Once broken, now put back together with your help. The void master Xaku is being rebuilt to command, crew." while Ordis would say: "Hmm. Interesting. A frame made up of different pieces from the old war, Operator. Do you think re-piecing Xaku would put them at peace?"

Or how about Protea? For her, The Business would actually chime in for this one. He would say: "Outworlder. You're building Protea, Parvos's time warframe bodyguard. She's quite the supportive type with her tools. Quite a beauty, isn't it, Outworlder? She can rewind time with ease, allowing her to do battles all over again. Do her proud, Outworlder."

Simply put, each time you build a specific frame, both Cy and Ordis (And even The Business for some frames!) will have their own themed input on the frame being built.

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