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Team Status Box Improvements


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In mission, when I press "W" to see the teammates, their health and stuff, the box appears above the chat (which becomes impossible to read).

Is it possible to display it in the opposite side of the screen?

Or did I miss a way to change this arrangement?


Then, always in this team status box, is it possible to display a blue bar too under the health one (for the shields?). It'd be clearer.


Thanks for the consideration.

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The only alternative is to move the chatbox itself to the other side of the screen (yes you can do that).

I didn't know it was possible, and i have no idea how to proceed. But if you say it is, i'll try with confidence some maneuvers.

But anyway, this is an ergonomic problem that must be fixed by DE.


I have to add too that the subtitles of the Lotus are appearing in the same area. Chat+Lotus+Team Stats in the same place... No way.


Thanks DE for when you will consider this. ;)


"Infact, more UI customisation is in order."

It'd be cool, indeed.

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