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Getting chat-banned for asking appropriate questions


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I simply stated that It seems xbox gets overlooked because of issues like Sentillent alert never showing after most recent devstream (154?)

Since twitch drops are broken atm, we were told there would be an alert to receive them on xbox, after stream. 

It never showed, confirmed by other xbox players.

Yet I get chat banned for asking the question and stating I feel we are often overlooked on xbox.

It's obvious Kickbot is human and feeling some way about it. So will I get banned for stating it here too?

 Cmon bruh. Ridiculous.

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The sentillent alert on Xbox was run only during the devstream to replace the twitch drop which was active for other platforms.

"Join us on twitch.tv/warframe and earn 3x Scintillant for watching! Xbox Tenno will have an Alert up during 2-3 PM for this Drop!" - https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1261647-coming-soon-devstream-154/

The only alerts that should be active after the devstream are the gift of the lotus alerts which are a catalyst blueprint and shotgun riven mod.


The forums are unable to assist with account issues, including suspensions from chat.

If you want to appeal against the suspension, you will need to contact support by submitting a ticket as they are the only ones able to assist with this.

Support: http://support.warframe.com/

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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