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Mods and Shield Bug


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What do you mean you have a full shield mod?

Are you saying that you are using a max rank Redirection and the shield values you are seeing don't match what you think they should be?

Health, shield and armor values are based on the base stats (level 1 frame stats). As your frame levels up the base stats increase but mods boosting the values do not consider the additional amount.

100 shields at rank 1 would give a total of 540 shields if your redirection gives +440% shields.

That same frame might have 300 shields at rank 30. With redirection it would have 740 shields.



4 hours ago, (PSN)YudastySilvah said:

when I need to upgrade new mods they don't appear

You are going to have to explain your issue a little better. Your phrasing is really strange. What exactly are you talking about?

New mods don't appear?

Shield values don't appear?

Please clarify.

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