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M4D Enthrall Reave Revenant seems to NOT work properly in Steel Path


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So I recently had the idea to combine M4D with Revenant's scaling damage on Enthralled enemies with Reave and it was working really well in Simulacrum. But when I went to test it out on SP, I noticed most mobs, even weak common ones, are left with about 50% hp.

So I did some deeper testing, because I was doing SP Uranus Survival, I chose Lvl 124 Drekar Trooper as a test subject.

  • In Simulacrum, a full combo (with my build) on the Trooper would deal 21606 damage to its' surroundings, this would kill all trash mobs including other Troopers. In theory, this should deal about 54015 in SP because enemies health are multiplied by 2.5x.

  • In SP, a full combo on a Drekar Trooper would only deal about 21560, the same as in normals.

I should also note that just Enthrall Reave works in SP as in normals and the difference in 21k is because Reave works based on the hp drained.

Therefore, for some reason, M4D is not properly calculating the damage done by Reave in SP.

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