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Warframe Augment should work like Raijack Tatical/Combat mods


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And by title i mean consume no capacity, not require "normal" mod slot and have a separate mod screen of their own.

Given how many augments they keep cranking up without any regard for their practical opportunity cost that we have now (for example both of the new augment in destream), this should feel more than fair already.

Also this should give DE an excuse to rework the disaster of UI that is raijack modding screen and put the config part up top again.

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16 minutes ago, JackHargreav said:

It would be really nice.

And we will never get it because "balance".

those tatical/combat avionic used to also consume capacity, so i say that's already a precedence that something similar can happen again for frames. "Never say never" still their freaking motto. 

would take hella an uphill battle or something truly unusual to happen to get them to care enough for this to be done though.

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The fundamental function of Combat/Tactical mods differs from Warframe augments. On Railjack, those mods are the abilities. If you compare apples to apples, Warframe abilities already function like Railjack Combat/Tactical mods, and the precedence is actually from "Warframe ability mods" which were removed long ago from costing mod space and being freely installed on a given Warframe. Sure, there is really no choice (aside from Helminth) for Warframe abilities, but they are all free slots in a sense that are just hidden from view. If Railjack were to have augments for Combat/Tactical mods, then these mods should definitely cost a normal Railjack slot and have capacity.

Warframe augments are meant to be a mod that you slot to change an existing ability function with the trade off of using a mod. There is definitely room for discussion on the power level of augments as a system (many being weak, some being mandatory, etc.), but the way they function is healthy from a design choice.

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2 hours ago, BloodKitten said:

balance would be aura slot can use aguments and it will give mod points as result, but you can only use 1 agument.

That'd just be an augment slot, since many auras are designed to be weak, so putting the much stronger augments there as an option would be a no-brainer.

Also, augment mods use the Zenurik polarity, which no aura slot innately has (besides Protea's innate universal polarity). Because augments are better than auras, you'd have to go back through your frames and invest the forma to swap the polarity. 

Also also, augment mods would be even better than aura mods, since they have an energy cost of 9, which when polarized and converted to an aura slot, would give you 18 extra mod capacity, instead of most aura mods granting 14 (besides GP and Steel Charge).

And the trade off of only allowing one augment slotted, but creating a free slot for it would really stifle creativity, as many interesting builds, especially with Helminth, take advantage of 2-3 augments.

Personally, I'd rather avoid the hassle of investing 45 forma, and instead just have the weak augments be buffed to the point of being worth the mod slot.

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I agree with the "work like battle/tactical mods" but i do not think they should be free.

This is very much what i have suggested in the past , where helminth would "burn the augments into the frame"

Currently the limitations on most of my builds is that there are not enough slots , mod points themselves can be partially managed with forma/ lower ranked mods,

So if i get an augments slot (or 3) i am willing to sink some forma to get all the mods i would like in it.

As to "Balance" , other than the obvious "what balance you talking about mate" argument , you are still limited by mod points.

In a potentially min maxed build , even if you take the most expensive mods you are left with enough mod points for one slot of about 9 or so drain ( i am talking 6 to 8 forma such that all slots have a polarity and a mod)

If i had a spare slot for augments i would absolutely use other frames which would make interesting builds cause of their augments but are limited by their stats.

And frames which are already good? well , no change there.

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