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Nerf Gun Toys X Warframe (¡¡¡¡ IMAGINE !!!!)


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AS YOU CAN READ THE TITLE, this could be fun to have. You could use the Melee/Guns for Cosplay opportunity or simply to collect it and use it to decorate your Bedroom/Gaming Office (wish we could have that feature added to the orbiter in the game). Here's my question for ya'll:


What weapons you wish would be brought as a Nerf Toy? 

Me first: MeleeDex Dakra, Volnus, Broken War, War, Skiajati, Paracesis, Scindo Prime & Pennant.

              SecondaryDex Furis, Fusilai, Epitaph, Athodai & Pyrana Prime

              PrimaryDex Sybaris, Phantasma, Rubico (Synoid Skin), Braton Vandal, Quellor, Stradavar Prime & Lenz

              ArchgunMausolon (Sepulchral Skin) & Imperator Vandal

Now you guys...(plz I feel lonely.)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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