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Riven mod condition broken?


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Was opening Riven Mod. The challenge is "Complete survival mission with level 30 or higher enemies without killing anyone".

Using Ivara on Sedna, Rusalka challenge was failed twice in a row via quitting stealth (first time - due to shot from unsilenced Pandero Prime, second time - fall off out of map). Looks like the challenge was "without being detected" for the game.

Third's time a charm - no shots, no falls, riven's opened.

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11 hours ago, Hobie-wan said:

Did you have a companion along with you? When you uncloaked it might have taken the opportunity to kill a mob.

Yes, I did. But to one-shot lvl 30 grineer is a littel bit beyond it's ability...

But the point is very good, will keep that in mind, thanks!

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3 minutes ago, (PSN)haphazardlynamed said:

Grineer throwing grenades at you counts as a 'kill'

because the game handles grenades as tiny NPC units, and when they go off they 'die'

so during the brief time you uncloaked, if one tossed a nade at you, there you go

Well... Looks like that's the case, they did thrown a lot of grenades... Poor suicidal thingies...

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