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Sevagoth Broke My Game


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I was super excited to play Sevagoth, so I modded him and hopped into a Hydron. I was playing around leveling him up really fast with the Bubonico, but when I used his 4th ability it broke my game. As soon as the 4th ran out my warframe snapped to my location and my screen violently shook for a minute or two, as soon as it was over I went back to shooting with the Bubonico, only I couldn't use my Secondary Fire. I'd been using it before I used the 4th ability, but afterwards I couldn't use it. Everything else was still working fine, but I think there's a glitch where the game assumes your Secondary Fire still pertains to the Shadow Claws. This might make Sevagoth unplayable for some people, or at least, certain builds. Please fix as soon as you can.

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