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Nidus Attachments Are Not Properly Aligned


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After getting my hands on the new Nidus Technocyst skin, I came across the discovery that Nidus's attachments aren't properly centered.


Example A - This is what the Imugi Prime Leg Attachments look like on the Technocyst Skin. It's just not centered at all. 


Example B - This is what the Imugi Prime Chest Piece looks like on the Night Hunter Skin. This is also not centered.

Although, this isn't exclusive to just the Imugi Prime Chest Piece as it seems all chest pieces on Nidus IN GENERAL are not centered. 


As you can see. . .

The only time it's actually centered, however, is when it's on the Phryke Skin.


Look at how NICE that is (makes me sad cause I don't even use chest attachments on this skin).


. . . Oh Come On.


Edit - I think it should be noted (As stated below) I am using the Harrow Noble Animation in these pictures. So the problem is actually the animation itself bothering me. 


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