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Crashing in Railjacks


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Okay so, to preface I love the railjack missions, they're really interesting and lets me used the archwing. The only problem is it crashes my game, alot, and somehow only me. The first time I used omni tool to go back to ship. When the timer hit zero, it crashed as i bullet jumped so I thought it was that. The second time i was standing still during recall and i crashed again, leading me to think it was the omni tool period. Just now, approximately 5 minutes before posting this, i was hopping back into the railjack from archwing and crashed instantly, making me lose the epitath barrel.  Also would like to point out, this was all within the same week and I'm tired of it. I'm the only one out of the people i talk with that has this problem, so i dunno if I'm just really unlucky or what, but I hope this gets fixed either in a hotfix or when the next big patch is


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