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Miscellaneous grievances about Ash, Covert Lethality, and Marked For Death


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Okay so this is gonna be a bit of a long one:

I've got a number of grievances concerning a number of topics relating to Warframes that primarily focus on things that aren't massive AOE damage, some mods that didn't need to get nerfed, and kind of how the state of the meta is as a whole.

First off, the complaint that probably every Ash player (how many of us are there anymore even?) has probably been saying for years: Pls make Fatal Teleport more reliable and also can it PLEASE just be an integrated function for teleport. It's so janky and doesn't even trigger two thirds of the time on a good amount of enemies, which means you have to waste more energy and time teleporting onto a single target over and over until it either gets killed by a teammate or you finally just shoot the damn thing.

Second, Ash's Bladestorm has been kind of a weird point of contention for a long time as far as I remember but I firmly believe that, with how AOE damage is as a whole these days (I'm looking at YOU Saryn, Ember, Mesa (technically), etc etc etc) being the extreme meta to the point of all other options being kinda locked out, it's entirely non-gamebreaking for Bladestorm to just revert to how it was again: Press 4, spam shadow clones all over a 50 meter circle. It'd still be less of a nightmare than Miasma given that it'd actually take time for those shadow clones to kill everything, which means that teammates can still kill enemies even while it's still going. Just make it so that the cutscene only triggers if you use teleport on an enemy while it's active like how it is now and it'd probably be fine. It's entirely not a problem at all for the actual meta considering that the devs refuse to meaningfully nerf Saryn, made Ember into a more powerful nuke than ever before, haven't touched Mesa in literal years, and if it is a problem to add more AOE nukes then maybe they should just change the meta so it's no longer entirely reliant on pressing one button and deleting 90% of the map in 3 seconds. 

Third, Covert Lethality and Marked for Death really didn't need nerfs at all? Like, sure, they could kill high level enemies instantly, but so can all the goddamn meta builds out there, and god knows there's already fifty thousand builds specifically meant to delete Steel Path enemies like a hot knife through butter. So what if one mod for a weapon type no one uses can kill enemies instantly using an animation that's stupidly hard to trigger for most Warframes. The only Warframes who could use Covert Lethality effectively in the first place were, what, Ash? Inaros? Equinox? Ivara? And even then, Equinox is still a fairly large area Nukeframe, and Ivara.... used to be the single best Warframe for finishing spy missions easily until Wukong's rework happened (But that's not really the point of this post). Inaros is literally only good at absorbing damage and Covert Lethality was like the one thing keeping him even remotely viable. Otherwise, Inaros has literally jack S#&$ nothing in terms of attracting players- his abilities are boring, his gimmick has been long since superceded by Ember's ridiculous fire shield, Rhino's Iron Skin being still ridiculous, Nezha's halo, etc etc, and the fact that he's (sorry) kinda ugly (Aesthetics, like it or not, do play a choice in picking a warframe and I've heard a bunch of people passing over Inaros in the past cuz he doesn't look good in his base skin). Ash, meanwhile, is basically just a single target damage dealer who, barring a bladestorm reversion, can pretty much only deal impressive damage to one target at a time using Fatal Teleport. Bladestorm as it is gets immediately canceled in a team because your teammates will always kill everything in a room faster than you can mark and deploy, Shuriken is useless at higher levels than maybe level 20 except as an armor stripping device with Seeking Shuriken, and his smoke bomb is just there for a couple seconds of invisibility- which, while always useful, isn't exactly ever going to be meta. Now, on the side of Marked for Death, it's even more ridiculous of a nerf because it has a limited area of effect in the first place- you'd have to completely destroy your build to make it reach past 20 meters, and in the chaos of an actual mission, managing to hit that one priority target capable of killing everything else around it is nigh impossible, to say nothing of how slow it is to run through the cycle of target, cast, kill over and over- again, Saryn meanwhile has a literal map delete button mapped to her 4. In terms of game balance, Marked for Death literally could not break the meta moreso than Saryn alone has, and even if it did, Warframe's meta needs a shakeup anyway because it's just been "pick Saryn" "pick Mesa" "pick Ember" "pick any 60+meter high damage AOE warframe" and spam whatever their AOE button is over the entire map. 

(Speaking of unnecessary mega nerfs, that one time Limbo ended up being a Nukeframe was hilarious, can we go back to that now that AOE damage is literally the only meta possible now?)

TL;DR: give Ash buffs pls, and revert Covert Lethality/Marked for Death to how they were again, it's literally never going to be as "gamebreaking" or "overpowered" as the devs think it will, and if it is, then they might as well #*!%ing nerf Saryn into the ground too and we all know there's no way in hell they'll ever do that.

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