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Ideas for more open-world free-roams

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19 minutes ago, FURYDANCE said:

i want to fly my necramech in railjack missions like GUNDAM

While this would be kind of fun it is incredibly redundant to archwing's sole purpose and sole reason for being unique compared to other options.

Archwing are the wings while mechs are the feet. They aren't gundams so imagining them functioning like gundams is a bit far fetched.

Unless the archwing attaches to the mech... making a super mech...

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vor 10 Minuten schrieb (XBOX)AMONGTHEWEAK:

At some point the cart is going to catch up to and run over the horse.

I don't think we need another open world right now or anytime soon to be honest. It's hasn't exactly been DE's strong suit. Kudos to them for trying though. 

I have to agree with him. De open worlds may look beautfiful and the background sound is also perfect, but that was it. Then there's also the problem that we have archwings and mission were built to reward efficience player and not player who want to explore. =/

So yeah better not.

Am 2.5.2021 um 17:16 schrieb (PSN)Cephalon_Panda:

a water world on uranus where there could be a new vehicle thats submersible.

No. Dozen of video games have shown that water worlds are always bad, except 99% of the gameplay is done on/ under water.

I have still nightmares from the water Temple.

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22 hours ago, FURYDANCE said:

i want to fly my necramech in railjack missions like GUNDAM

I want to be able to use my necramech in nonrailjack / open world missions lmao. DE promised we were supposed to get it in all missions...Nope, railjack and open world only. Wake me up when DE decides to actually put them in normal missions.


2 hours ago, Kaggelos said:

I'd want the Corpus home city erected by Parvos, Corposium, to be an OW on Neptune. Or at least a new tileset that's city themed

Also, if anything. It'd most likely be on Pluto. If you look at pluto from space in the railjack missions, its literally huge planet surface spanning lights across plutos surface in a grid pattern. Pluto probably has the best chance to have some kind of corpus city to exist. Neptune, wouldn't make sense since its a gas giant after all.

Also, I don't think we need any new ones to be worked on for a while since we're still getting the duviri paradox eventualy...but if theres one that would be a reasonable planet to get an open world? I'd say Mars. It'd be interesting to see ruins and stuff, explore Baro's culture more where his people come from. It was already put out there in the Sands of Inaros quest. We just need a full representation of his people, where they live, their culture, etc. But that'll probably not happen.

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I foresee two more open worlds: Void(Duviri) and Tao(sentient).

The void world might be a twisted version of earth, reliving the old war scene from the new player intro. I figure the Orokin, Dax, cephalon fleet and the original grineer might be there.

Tao could be a partial terra-formed planet mixed with sentient tech, similar to the Deimos model. My guess is, besides the sentients, we'll see more amalgam corpus there and the infested.

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On 2021-05-02 at 4:16 PM, (PSN)Cephalon_Panda said:

Honestly I'd love to see an overgrown jungle type open world, or to change it up completely, a water world on uranus where there could be a new vehicle thats submersible.

Also I'd love to see a full on plane vehicle thats basically a super strong archwing but can be deployed in missions as well.

When you say Water world, I'd like it to be an under water city like Bioshocks Rapture, sunken buildings connected by tubes and covered roadways.

The option to sharkwing between them could be interesting, and of course there would have to be actual underwater missions to suffer because DE.

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World underwater sounds interesting. The cool thing about building an underwater open world is you can build around vertical space instead of just horizontal.

I think it would be interesting if they used rail jack style missions but in an underwater setting. The main issue with sharkwing was the extremely confined space you used it in making it a pain to control, using railjacks instead could make underwater gameplay much smoother.

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On 2021-05-03 at 12:19 AM, FURYDANCE said:

i want to fly my necramech in railjack missions like GUNDAM

I want to fly my railjack and finish the mission, get rewards.

The game keep forcing me to step out of my awesome ship.

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As much as I would enjoy a jungle open world , there really is currently no in game planet that will work.

Earth already has the plains (which are more like the hills of eidolons honestly) I do not see DE creating another open world on earth.

And the drift is kinda a jungle? Change the chromaticity and you have lush greens (instead of vibrant reds ) I really wish it was green , the red tends to strain my eyes.

Underwater open world ... Hmm sounds interesting but how exactly ? I loved subnautica , but I don't see it translating to warframe. Maybe some sort of orokin osmotic barrier that rotates between different biomes? Like Moses parting the seas situation?

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