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Just some feedback I've gathered


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Recently I've created a text file containing a whole bunch of feedback from which I think Warframe could really benefit. Keep in mind that not everything I've said is directly from me, but can be from other players as well. Also, some things might take a while to implement, which is perfectly fine by me, as long as I know it's being worked on. The Trello board utilized in the newer updates is a great example.

- protea's dispensary augment should be relevant for the ability, not a band-aid solution to an existing problem (sentinel survivability)
sentinel squishyness needs to be remedied not with a Warframe augment with the excuse that 'it's a helminth ability', but in the sentinels themselves

- void storms should be made more beneficial
playing void storms now is not rewarding enough to continue playing them beyond getting the Warframe/weapon

- Negative stats on permanent upgrades should not exist
this can lead to purposefully not taking those upgrades, even though later upgrades are quite good
this is most prominent in intrinsics and focus nodes

- English text on objects is NOT lore-consistent
example: 'zephyr' on the zephyr harrier skin's legs
suggestion: modify texture to tenno language in this example

- remove armor scaling: 


- Add a visual indicator as to what relics are vaulted
This reduces searching, so it would be an excellent QOL change
- Similarly, add a search bar to the star chart to reduce the amount of mission-memorizing that is currently necessary

- Syndicate standing gain NEEDS to be detached from sigils
With this change less standing surprises will happen from having the wrong sigil equipped
plus: this is similar to why arcane helmets were discontinued: cosmetics should not have advantages tied to them
suggestion: in the syndicate menu, allow syndicates to be selected (1 at a time obv) for passive standing gain

- parazons should be more reliable: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/lzs6ss/parazon_finishersmercy_kills_could_be_to_warframe/
right now, the health threshold is too low, so it appears too infrequently
even if it appears, the enemy is most likely dead already before the button can be pressed
if it would give some health, energy, and ammo EVERY TIME it could be a viable energy gain, which would reduce the zenurik meta which is way too big

- no longer accessible codex entries should be autocompleted (looking at you, stalker)
update the codex in general, certain scannables don't appear in the codex for some reason

- conclave is STILL practically useless, (to my experience) barely anyone plays it. why does it still exist?

 - lore has gaps at best, try to make at least a bit more sense of the game

- removing content because its meta does not remedy the actual issue (gian point)

- all proxima regions should have a free space mission which becomes available when completing the related proxima 
(you liberated the proxima, you should be able to fly around freely)
(excluding earth proxima, which should remain accessible from the start)

- content from retired events should in some way be included in the main game, players shouldn't have to look at a 3rd party wiki for lore that was previously explained in-game

- cetus bounties need to be adjusted, especially liberate: the area is just too large to defend for 1 player.

- Steam achievements are prone to breaking, which can severely annoy completionists, depending on the achievement. (Deimos achievements are also still missing)
Adding a script that runs at startup to check for discrepancies between Steam/Warframe achievements and correct where necessary would solve this issue.


Honestly, I doubt anyone will even see this. But now that I've written all this, I might as well post it.

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I agree with most points made. well done ^^

Sidenote; Voidstorms, for me at least, are fine, i get forma doing something fun, instead of mindless low level content, plus, we get alot of other rewards, lots of credits, relics, traces, resources etc... but thats only me apparently xD.

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Not tying syndicate standing to sigils is a good idea. It is incredibly annoying to equip a sigil to every appearance option.

Not to mention really really really frustrating to have to change this on -every single frame and appearance option- if you ever decide to change primary syndicates...

I have an average of 2 appearance settings for every warframe. This means changing nearly 100 sigils... it is a real pain in the ass. Additionally, once you get the high % sigils the low ones become obsolete. This is silly because some of the lower % sigils are cooler looking. 

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