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{PS4} Alterus Knights is seeking recruits, but only for a limited time


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Normally our clan has been private for around 2 years but after a long think about it, I decided to open our doors for new members for a little bit

Our window of opening for invites is only for a limited time before we decide to close off the clan and revert back to being private for awhile

Our current clan size as of this comment being posted is around 35 but when we started opening up the clan, we had just 8 or 9 people so we shot up alot since, if you are interested, please give a message with your PSN username or PM me in game if I'm online on Warframe, we take in almost anyone as long as you are sensible

To those who are wondering about where I got the name for the clan from, it's from an idea I had for a novel I was creating years ago, to put a long story short, The Knights of Alterus is an elite force of Paladins created to protect the imperial city of Alterus from the invading forces of Dread Knights and Necromancers

If you do join, once you make your dojo key, let me know and you'll be promoted so you can help with the contributions and researches of any remaininng items that we are still developing in the dojo

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