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Concept: Helminth 3.0


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Does anyone else think that, helminths flower garden needs more flowers? cause i do!


The basic and simple idea for helminth 3.0 is. 


With another uppgrade segment. 


Helminth, could do one of two things. When given this second uppgrade segment.


The first option:


Helminth can now devour prime frames. Giving access to a new tab of second abilities given from the devoured frame that ends up in its belly.

(Devouring the prime, does not grant access to the first ability that we currently unlock with normal frames, to unlock both, both normal and a prime frame needs to be given to helminth)

(Listed prime frame abilities should preferably be listed in a new tab by itself and not be viewable until the correct segment has been given to helminth)

(The same ability limitation as putting eclipse, or roar respectivly on rhino or Mirage should apply to the abilities that end up being the chosen prime ability.)


It could be a possibility for new helminth theme'd abilities as well. 




This would provide players who enjoy the system, to crack more relics and farm more frames that are just not sold (But ofc some will buy a second prime set for this purpose)

It would further add to revive or even enhance frames that each player thinks of 'meh' 

Altough it might cause a new headache for the dev team for several reasons.

1: picking second abilties. 

2: putting limitations on them.


Second option.

Which is more of a bigger limitation on helminth. 

Helminth, having devoured several warframes. 

Upon devouring X amount of frames, or even reaching helminth rank (X?)

As well as reciving this new segment.

Helminth requests the presence of the tenno in its chamber.


Informs them they have.. reached a point where it can.. enhance, one single frame. Further. But any more is outside of its abilities.


This choise, would be on a prime frame and prime frame only. And should be used on the players favorite frame. 

Do repeat this process and 'change' this frame, should your taste or love for a frame have shifted, you would need to sacrifice the created frame back to helminth if you want to do so. Sacrificing the time, effort that you put into that frame. Making it a slightly heavy choise to do.


It would play something like this.


Helminth asks you to which prime frame you would like to augment. 

You thus needs to feed one prime frame to helminth. (Either one in your possession, or you can go and farm a new one)


The frame will retain its appearence and passive ability. (Ash will use Ash skins, Rhino will use Rhino skins etc)

But upon making the choise to feed this frame to helminth.

Helminths asks if you wish to retain one or two of its abilties. The others, will be.. 'removed' gently. With sharp appendages. *Que Valkyr horror screams all over again*

The 'blank' ability slots can then be filled with abilties subsumed. (Again, with the same limitation put on roar and eclipse etc not being on one single frame)



The result?: 

One frame per player. More tailored to their desired playstyle. 

A little less forced farming then the other option. 


Might be 'easier?' to implement given the system already rewrites abilites on the warframes and exist within the system. No need to plan new abiltity unlocks and limitations. 

But may be more difficult since each frame now can.. cause more havoc per variation.




Thoughts on my nightmare idea? I just want more flowers in my helminth garden.

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42 minutes ago, Shadowradiance said:

1: picking second abilties. 

I've been thinking about similar stuff. However I think there should be only small amount of abilities to subsume in this process (e.g. 5-10). Many abilities are similar which is good and bad. You could pick whichever version you want/subsumed. However there are not many different stuffs (still more than slot we have). If you pick another 40+ abilities then a lot of them would be useless.

I think those abilities should be chosen based on 2 criteria:

- feature doesn't exist as infusable ability (e.g. we have many healing abilities) unless it brings something new (e.g. we shouldn't include Sevagoth's Shadow Consume as it's very similar ability)

- uniqueness - ability should something "fresh". Of course it's very subjective. It's good to keep it in mind when picking between 2 similar abilities.

1 hour ago, Shadowradiance said:

Second option.

So basically you want to infuse 2 abilities.

I would just put it at Helminth level 10 or something and call it a day. Deleting & infusing 2nd ability is very restrictive.

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