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I've had this idea for a few years, until Wisp was made, I was uncertain of the movement animations required.  Since Wisp addresses at least half of the technical movement problems, I've been trying to finish it and come up with art.  This is all I've figured out for it and I've tried to address some of the unique challenges such a form would have when translating to the Warframe movement system.  This idea is loosely inspired by Nagas in Hindu lore, there's a couple of things that might seem weird in the abilities, they're probably explained by this.  Otherwise, she's focused around elements of constrictors rather than venomous snakes.  

I am also completely expecting comments of "over-engineered kit".  Have at it, just please keep it constructive.


I am not in a position to commission art and I cannot reasonably draw, so it's a miracle I got what I have from someone volunteering.

And a note about the body, while I am not against alien/magic/etc snake women having breasts in principle, I am preferring for this design, a more lithe and streamlined form, while still being clearly female due to general body shape, hips, curves, where the lower back transitions to the tail may be appropriately...rounded.


Silly decoration idea - with this Warframe owned, occasionally will see an Illusory Serpent in any of the various boot decorations on your Orbiter.


Also missing a proper name, I find naming things difficult but I've sat on this for too long as it is, so...putting it out there despite a few rough spots and one missing ability combo.

Description - (Insert Lotus voice here); Lithe and swift.  {framename} brings deadly efficiency with practiced speed, while her abilities serve to disrupt, divestdistract, or....destroy.


Now again, with trailer depiction ideas.

Lithe and swift.  {framename} brings deadly efficiency with practiced speed (shows her attacking with one weapon, then swapping weapons swiftly between sets of hands and attacking with the swapped weapon),

while her abilities serve to disrupt (Tail Sweep knocking surrounding enemies down),

divest (killing enemies in Treasure Pool showing an abundance of credits and resources popping out of them),

distract  (Illusory Serpents making Grineer do an 'in-my-pants dance')

or....destroy. (Hold 4 while 4 is active; details below)

Movement and Melee

Crouching - causes the Warframe to coil in preparation for melee lunging or bullet jumping

Melee from crouching has a range adding lunge, but does not move the Warframe's "foot"ing (Unless pressing forward, of course), allows for a few strike combo but then withdraws

Longer bullet jump than average, by about a quarter or fifth?

Aim Glide - See; Chrysopelea (ex.1), the gliding snake.  Flattens the serpentine extremity, stretching out widthwise.

Walking/Sprinting - See; Serpentine (ex.2) also lowers to nearly prone, above average sprint speed

Dodge - To the side; shimmies like a Sidewinder (ex.2), forward; a quick sprint further range than sideways or backwards, backward; spin around as she moves back (less focused Tail Sweep for staggering/knocking?)

Wall run - Rectilinear movement (ex.2)

Sliding - Thinking perhaps just similar to the sprinting animation.

Ledge Climb - Swing tail up and around into a somewhat angular flip?  Use the mass of the tail as an inertia pendulum to bring her up and over?  This one is a bit tricky.

Archwing - Variation of gliding with the flat-stretching.

K-Drive - Honestly uncertain how to work this with the K-Drive, short of making the K-Drive scale up, to accommodate the tail length.


Passive - does not holster traditionally, instead holds non-active weapons with lower set of arms (see concept art below), allowing for rapid weapon switching, whether weapons are toggled visible or not

1 - Tail Sweep;  damage and knockdown/stagger enemies in range for 360 degrees around the Warframe

2 - Treasure Pool; Creates a pool that increases loot drops inside its range.

3 - Illusory Serpents;   Many snakes come forth from the Warframe, moving outward and seeking out enemies.  Slithering under clothes/armour of enemies when applicable causing them to be staggered for the rest of the duration ('in-my-pants dance'), otherwise being underfoot and slowing their movement speed.

4 - Tail Wrap; stationary channeling, tail wraps around target enemy as the upper body sits above gaining elevated line of sight and behaving similarly to the crouch when it comes to melee attacks, illusory copies of the torso, arms and head and hips included sway and dance side-to-side reducing chance for the true body to be hit (something to offset the reduced mobility making her too much of an easy target) as the illusory bodies sway/dance and the real body belly and hips sway to blend in with the illusory bodies while maintaining steady aim, slow movement as you squeeze the wrapped target to manipulate them into moving if however slowly, greater focus to enhance the other abilities

-tap1 while 4 is engaged; to throw wrapped enemy in camera direction; knocking down any enemies hit (depending on susceptibility to knockdown and thrown enemy mass)
-hold 1 while 4 is engaged; to set wrapped enemy spinning like a top in the camera direction; staggering or knocking down enemies in its path (depending on susceptibility to knockdown and spinning enemy mass) while taking and dealing damage depending on what sort of things/units they hit (heavily armoured unit spinning; takes little damage hitting lightly armoured units while they take more damage. lightly armoured unit spinning; takes more damage hitting heavily armoured units while they take little damage)
-tap 2 while 4 is engaged; {to be determined}
-hold 2 while 4 is engaged; larger range pool
-tap 3 while 4 is engaged; Illusory Serpents as usual, but 1.5x or 2x the amount of serpents
-hold 3 while 4 is engaged; Giant Illusory Serpent (think a Titanoboa or similarly massive) spawns at one of the nearest out of room enemy spawn points and immediately slithers towards another enemy spawn point crossing through the room the ability was used in, knocking enemies in its way down or aside and staggered then despawning once past the next valid out of room enemy spawn point (maybe knocks credits out of enemy pockets when applicable?)
-tap 4 while 4 is engaged; crush wrapped enemy, dealing heavy damage and explosively juicing it of fluids (blood, oil, whatever makes sense for enemy type) causing a radial blind to enemies in range facing toward them
-hold 4 while 4 is engaged; disengage wrap











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