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The Alliance function needs a revamp + some other ideas involving Alliances


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For so long the alliance section hasn't seen a change when it comes to clans. All it has been used for, since the Solar Rail's death, is just to distribute credits, join clans together, and let the members chat.
I feel like that we need a change.

So here are my ideas for that:

  • Allow people to give resources to the Alliance that everyone can use whenever for builds.
  • Allow people to use the Alliance Credits as stored Credits.
  • Show a member list when selecting a clan in the Alliance.
  • Allow Alliance members to visit a Dojo connected to their Alliance without needing to be taxied over to the Dojo by a clan member.
    • This can be made either with their own Alliance sector where the Orokin Derelict once was, or as a part of the Dojo sector outside of the protected bubble.
  • Get rid of the rule of all clan members leaving booting the person out of the Dojo for Alliance members.
  • Allow Clans of the same Alliance to share in research spoils.

Now for some ideas to be thrown out.


First idea: Alliance Missions

This one is pretty straightforward. A Warlord or Founding Warlord can make a Mission selection inside the Dojo Sector. This will be accessible throughout all of the Alliance, and the level's name would be the creator's username. This can go to which maps you choose, how high and low you want your level to go to, the faction involved, with a little extra.
The faction involved also includes Syndicates, and they work differently than the other factions, as the main enemies you will have to face will be based on the Specters they use.

  • Steel Meridian: Grineer Companions - Rollers, Drahks, Hyekkas, etc. This also includes Kuva variants.
  • Red Veil: Light Infested - any of the Infested that are dangerously weak to Fire or Gas.
  • Cephalon Suda: Ospreys - these include any Osprey. Shield, Oxium, Mine, Remech, etc. This will also include 002-ER and Raptor RX from the Index.
  • Arbiters of Hexis: Corrupted - these will act like Fissure missions in terms of spawning enemies, including adding in random enemies from other factions, including unaffiliated, as long as the map will allow it.
  • New Loka: Heavy Infested - any Infested dangerously weak to Blast. Although, this will mainly be Ancients because that's what they use most.
  • Perrin Sequence: MOAs - every single MOA that we can find in this one. M-W.A.M. will also be included in this stack, and any variations will also be here.

A couple more things about Syndicate Missions:

  • Each time you go into a Syndicate mission, the Syndicate that you're fighting against will always bring out a batch of their platoon enemies during the middle of the mission.
    • This will be in every mission type, like Extermination. In endless missions, this will happen at 2:30 in Survival, Wave 3 in Defense, and when you're at 50% intercepted in Interception. For Sabotage, it depends on the mission, but after the first part of it is complete, then they will be activated to spawn.
  • When completing a Syndicate mission, you will receive the rewards of...losing 1000-5000 Standing on the Syndicate you are against, and receive added standing to the Syndicate that they are Opposed and an Enemy against. So if you wanted, you can make someone lose 5000 standing and them getting 7500 standing in return from two other Syndicates.

Second Idea: Clan Only & Alliance Only Mission Modes

This is for those that don't like going onto Public and don't know which members should be part of their team.
Same with me.
So I propose a simple solution: as long as the member has their invites as Clan Only or Alliance Only, then the member of the same Clan or same Alliance will be able to use their chance, in case the host doesn't care who comes, but just wants to keep it in the Alliance or Clan.
This can be used on the Clan screen, as the Clan menu already has this, but can be stopped with it just being Friend Only or Invite Only.
If we can split the Invite Box in two, then we should be good on that part.

Final Idea: Helping your Buddies

This one is a fairly straightforward one. Help your other clan members by visiting their Dojo and helping contribute to builds and rooms, allow them to use their Platinum to speed up construction, as long as you have the ability to in your own Clan and you're allowed to Contribute to Other Clans in the Alliance. Pretty simple stuff.
Just things you cannot do, no matter your rank in your Clan, are:

  • Start constructing new areas of a separate Dojo that isn't your Clan's Dojo.
  • Make new decorations or remove decorations in the Dojo that you're not a part of.
    • This can be changed inside room settings of a Dojo's room by its own members.
  • Change room settings in a Dojo that isn't your Clan's Dojo.


And that's all I have in mind.

This is just a draft, and I hope to expand on it soon, but I feel like this is good enough for right now.

I mainly made this for the first idea, but then I started expanding the idea more and more, and I realized that so much was
So I made this.
I'll take my leave here.

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The changes here, i feel like they wouldnt mean much, i cant really see myself using them besides the alliance missions idea however that idea seems unnecessary. I dont really see the point in adding it, and what about it makes it reasonable for it to be for alliances only?

Also, i think we'd need a cap on how many resources each clan can pull from the alliance vault if it were to be added, because i can see someone abusing the heck out of it, and we most likely wont be able to get those resources back from the abuser.

Still, these ideas seem really small and really not needed. Sorry for being so negative

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22 hours ago, (PSN)Frost_Nephilim said:

Still, these ideas seem really small and really not needed. Sorry for being so negative

Ay man it's fine. I appreciate the feedback.

I mainly made the missions for the reason of being the new missions that was left behind in the Solar Rails, so that it can still have personal mission substance. I'm also thinking about adding more mission types like Assassination, where you can give weapon or Warframe parts, dependent on mission settings, except for Prime Warframe parts, that'll just be relics that are not Vaulted.

I am thinking about, if a Clan gets featured, then they can have a custom mission or two featured with the Clan, depending on mission settings as well. You can also taxi other players to your Clan's or Alliance's mission if you want to.

And yes, I do agree there may need to be a cap in the Alliance Vault for resources for that reason of the abuse of the system.

Otherwise, changes to the UI and adding more to who can join your mission in regular gameplay are simply quality of life changes that can be utilized, as well as any decorative changes.

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