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Riven mod objective help

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I'm a kinda new player (100 hours as of today, mastery rank 7) and just finished The War Within and got one riven mod. I need to complete a level 30 or higher extermination mission while holding an Extinguished Dragon Key and without triggering alarms. First few times my helminth charger triggered alarms several times, so I learned to not use my companion. But no matter what abilities I use, something always triggers the alarms. Any advice on how to not get detected? I shoot down cameras and turrets and avoid lasers as well as those Corpus traps that spawn toxin or electricity when I pass a barrier. My problem is with the enemies that somehow find a way to a control console. This might be a stupid question, but how to complete this mission is stumping me.

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Loki and I usually use a melee weapon that can one shot them with a slide, fast and silent.

If you don't have weapons that are cable of wiping rooms silently equinox sleep build works, used it for focus farming but works for this too.

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