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Wants to join a clan with everything researched!


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I want to find a recruiting clan with everything researched in it. Why? I am playing the game every day the last month or so and I am progressing with the game, but I need a clan so I can get started with the dragon keys thing, I need to do those riven mod recruitments and get Arcwing for the free roam, and ofc the Railjack (I f-ing want to unlock it).

I am at the middle of MR-6 right now (03/05/2021)

My in-game name is: nik4eto20 (don't ask about the strange name)

I have never been in a clan myself but all I know is that I need the clan to have everything researched. So if you inv me and i see you don't have everything researched, that means we both lost time for nothing (cuz I will leave instantly).

Thanks for the spend time on my post and consider inviting me in your clan! 😉

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