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When should I start doing railjack?



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You can't be undergeared for:





Because these Activities basically make you start from square one with a new gimmick regardless of how much progress you have made in other areas of the game....

Conversely you also have things like Arbitration which you can be undergeared for... The problem with is Arbitration Rewards crap that helps strengthen your Gear... Endo !!! So naturally you kinda have to do it even if you can't...


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If you can complete the Railjack quest then you can go for it. It can be a bit challenging for players that don't have decent gear, but you don't need super strong gear to complete it. It's mostly the Railjack components that may take a while to acquire.

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The only thing you would have to watch out for are the parts that would require you to use your frame (defense, exterminate and volatile modes etc) the enemies there can range from about level 40 to sortie 2 difficulty depending on the place you go to.

I'd say if you can do sorties 2 & 3 without using all your revives you could handle even the highest level railjack mission.

Also build Amesha, easy immortality, every other archwing is useless in railjack.

You can hop on someone else's railjack and do side objectives (the white waypoint marker) or level gunnery first and man the forward artillary (the station behind the pilot/navigation) to make quick work of crewships (oneshot them by hitting their active engine with the cannon) until you are confident that you can do the parts needing warframe stuff.

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I'd give it a try.  There's no real urgency.  The stuff that drops there isn't necessarily very impressive (just okay) and you probably won't get to use it at your MR anyway.  There's some farming that can be done there, but since the latest revamp of it, it's not near as worthwhile as it used to be.  But still, give it a shot, if you don't like the experience, come back when you feel like you need the stuff that drops there.

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Nobody can answer this really lol.  RJ wasnt around for most people.   And since it has been out it keeps radically changing lol.   


Most important part of RJ in my opinion is the new hull plating.  Thats what controls HP/Armor and keeps your ship from constantly going into structural failure lol.   Thats the biggest issue for newb RJ's.   

To get into RJ though you dont have to use your own.   You can join other people with hopefully nicer ships.  Random groups usually have crap ships because most people with good ships usually recruit or are in Veil Prox (the hardest area).  

Also if you do use your own ship make sure you get yourself an NPC crew!!  You need a Gunner, Engineer, and Defender.   

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