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May 15 Charity Stream Announcement: Covenant House's Main Mission!

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Hey Tenno!

Join us on May 15th for a special 2 hour stream in collaboration with Covenant House Toronto’s Main Mission campaign. We'll be working to raise funds and awareness for youth who are homeless, trafficked, and at risk.

DE Community Program Manager Taylor King will be streaming alongside special guest co-host, Sharlazard, from 2PM - 4PM EST on May 15. Tenno are invited to donate what they can on game day or ahead of time; we’ll track all donations and unlock digital and physical prizes for each milestone. The top milestone, should we reach it, will unlock a 2 Day Affinity Booster for all platforms for a weekend in June!


With your support, we can help Covenant House continue providing essential services to about 300 youth a day. The ongoing isolation and uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis has left many feeling anxious, distressed and destabilized. Covenant House remains committed to keeping vulnerable youth safe, healthy, and cared for.

A donation to Covenant House Toronto helps provide food, shelter, and medical care to some of the city’s most vulnerable and will help show young people that they will not be forgotten during this crisis. Learn how to help and consider donating here. We’ll see you on May 15th!

Covenant House Main Mission





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4 hours ago, LillyRaccune said:

Is there a link to the official Covenant House website? I don't see it in the original post and I can't find it on the Doner Drive webpage either.

The folks at Covenant House are using this Donor Drive page as the go-to site but you can definitely find their standard, non-event website here: 


Thanks for asking! 

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