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Will DE create a primed warfan?

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Will you create a primed version for warfan? Every kind of weapons has primed version weapons except warfan marchete, whip and blade-whip (even nunchaku has the ninkondi prime!). Some of these weapons (kinds of weapons that I mentioned ) actually are Tennos'. I'm wondering whether you will make primed versions for 'em.

best wishes (ignore my grammar and spelling I'm not a  native speaker LOL)

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There's only one real candidate for priming in terms of warfans right now, and that's the Gunsen. The Arum Spinosa is infested and the Quassus is most likely reserved for Xaku when they prime it. Gara has three signature weapons and her prime should be up next, I don't personally see us getting a primed warfun until Garuda has her turn.

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for Machetes and Blade & Whips, Gazal Prime and Lacera Prime will happen at some point in the future. might take longer for Lacera since it already has the Ceti Lacera variant from Scarlet Spear.

Gunsen Prime will likely come with a female frame who doesn't have a signature melee, perhaps Hildryn or Garuda. 

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