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Mods dependent on the Combo counter break when used with Exalted melee and glaives


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Mods reliant on the Combo Counter mechanic - Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds, Gladiator set - sometimes have the chance to have their buffs wiped completely and then start gaining stacks from scratch, despite the Combo Counter still being up and nowhere near expiration. This bug has two flavors - one triggered by Exalted melee and the other native to Glaive weapons. Both have been reported quite often.

As a reminder - the way these mods work is by giving you a stacking buff. The amount of stacks should always be equal to your (Combo Counter - 1). Any deviation is a bug. Keep an eye on both the buffs next to the health bar and the Counter itself when testing/watching examples.

Type I, Exalted melee:

This is 100% repeatable, with any Warframe with Exalted melee, though maybe not with Sevagoth. This one happens when the Combo Counter expires on your Exalted melee. When that happens, the mods on your ordinary weapon will wipe their buffs, despite that weapon's Counter still having time. This very much bricks the entire Combo mechanic on your regular weapon.


  • Equip a melee weapon and use Warframe with an Exalted melee ability.
    • Preferably Wukong, as his Staff has no gimmicks or prerequisites.
  • Mod your normal melee with the aforementioned mods. Also mod for as high Combo duration as possible, give it some Heavy Attack efficiency.
    • I have not tested this with Naramon's Power Spike.
    • I have used Zenurik's Inner Might for additional efficiency.
    • You can also aim for Initial combo, as that will also break.
  • To exaggerate the testing, on your Exalted melee use only True Punishment.

The reproduction proper:

  • Gain Combo on your regular weapon, but don't hit the 220/x12 cap yet.
    • If you have enough Initial combo to activate the mods, you can skip this step.
  • Activate the Exalted. Hit somebody just once, let the Combo expire. Congratulations! The buffs are gone now.
    • Even with Initial combo will the buffs be gone. Which should be impossible to achieve, considering that Initial combo never expires.
  • Disable the ability.
  • Notice how even though your regular weapon's Counter is still active, the mods are not.
  • Start gaining combo on that weapon again. Hit the 220/x12 cap. The buffs you gain will never hit x11 stacks in this state.
    • Let's assume that you had 200/x11 on the Counter before wiping on step 2, Once you hit 220/x12, you will get only one stack on the buffs.
  • If you have any Heavy Attack efficiency, do a Heavy Attack. This will force the game to recalculate the buffs, according the the amount of Combo you have left after.
    • This is the only way of salvaging the situation, unless you want to wait for it to expire and start gaining Combo from scratch.

A video example showcasing how this looks like:



Type II, Glaives:

This is very similar to what I described above, though it happens randomly when attacking with Glaives. Your buffs will disappear for absolutely no reason, regardless of Combo count, in the middle of combat, with the Counter being constantly refreshed. 

I don't really have a reproduction for this other than 'Go spam-throw glaives in the Simulacrum'.

Videos with the bug in the spoiler below, trying to replicate this post:



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