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Riven ciphers: fixing the wrong problem.

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13 hours ago, Tesseract7777 said:

This is actually going to be quite a popular item,

I mean, that's specifically what I dispute. This is in the Steel Path shop. Everyone with access to this shop has beaten the entire star chart. And when you first get there there's lots of stuff to buy: 2 ephemera, operator armour, umbra Forma.

Anyone buying these Riven Ciphers has beaten the star chart AND the Steel Path and is looking to maximise farming it.

I'm not saying some relatively new players won't get conned by this the first time they come to the shop, but what we're MISSING (as in specifically what's lacking) from the Steel Essence store is evergreen items - ie the stuff long term players are going to come back for again and again. Forma, Umbra Forma, Kuva, Boosters, etc.

Not bobbleheads and this cipher nonsense.

13 hours ago, Tesseract7777 said:

The whole point of riven ciphers is to give a once a week short cut to players who could, but don't feel like doing, certain riven challenges

Then put them in a shop MR8 players who've just reached sorties can access, not the SP.

On 2021-05-05 at 5:14 PM, George_PPS said:

If you don't this idea, don't use it. This is a new OPTION

This is development time dude. Someone said "we need this". Someone who pays their rent/mortgage by coding for a living got paid to add this. Someone reviewed it and said "yeah we can maintain this new feature". This isn't free.

There is a ton of stuff wrong with rivens and some challenges being a bit too hard for newer players is about number 100 on that list.

I'm not saying this feature sucks.

I'm saying implementing this when 99 other problems are much more important is trolling players and is a richard move.

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