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Topics being deleted


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Hi, can someone from the moderators explain why some topics are being deleted. Specifically a recent one about issues on Internet in Egypt and this game? Why not simply close the topic? I mean... this kind of sounds like censorship of some kind?

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"Q: Where did my forum thread go?

A: If a thread seems to have disappeared, there are a few possibilities. It might have been moved to a different topic or hidden. It’s also possible that it was merged into another thread. To keep the forums organized, our Moderators will move off-topic threads to the appropriate subforum. When your topic is moved, a link to its new location will be available for a day.

Forum threads that violate the Community Guidelines will be hidden. A Moderator will send you a private message about your forum thread if you are being issued a warning or if they feel you need a reminder to adhere to the Community Guidelines. If you haven’t read the Community Guidelines, please read them here!

Forum Moderators will also merge multiple threads about the same topic into one thread. This helps our team gather feedback. We don’t want to miss details, especially about pressing issues, so we keep topics together. Our team also sets up master forum threads for major updates to streamline the feedback, so if a feedback thread related to the update is shared outside of the master thread, it will be moved there."

From: https://forums.warframe.com/announcement/65-decommunity-faq/

Based on your post history, I assume you are referring to this post. The thread was merged into the ongoing thread about issues with matchmaking.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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