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Smeeta Kavat XP not updating in the Profile for last 4 months and its not even moving up a bit


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Hi, I would like to report a bug that my Smeeta Kavat XP is stuck at 539,008,332 since last 4 months and the XP I am gaining is not being update every time I check my profile stats, Please look into this matter, as I always use her for almost all of my missions and Nodes , its been stuck at that XP for so long, I have no idea why it is not updating. I have even contacted support and did the steps they had told me and I have even tried reinstalling warframe, optimized cache and had reset my router but still its not working. As a last resort they told me to post it here in forums , most of my friends have the same issues as well as their companion XP is not updating in their profile and been stuck at sometime on their most used companion. Please do look into this matter.

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