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Mouse and Keyboard after COT - XB1


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Before the major COT update, the keyboard and mouse commands worked normally on the XBOX1 console without any kind of limitation.

About the Mouse:
The Scroll definitely doesn't work.

About the keyboard:
When walking forward or sideways with directional W, A, S, D, and then using some Frame skills, or transferring,
the walking command is canceled and my character remains stationary.
When using skills that are activated by pressing or clicking the same button, they tend to stick after the first use, preventing a
alternatives are used, with only one of the two skills working. Lavos and Gauss are definitely not playable because of that.
When turning on the console and entering the Warframe, the game does not recognize the keyboard, but if the USB is removed and reconnected it will be recognized.

From what I realized some friends in my clan are suffering from the same problem, and I point out that before the COT update we had no problem at all
with peripherals used to play.

- iTzHiDeN
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