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Grendel- Pulverize.


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There are so many things in grendel's kit that players don't like.

but today i'm just gonna talk about my favorite ability in the game...pulverize. 

#1 scaling: This ability has two separate damage sources similar to tailwind, the slam damage, and the collision damage.  but unlike tailwind, both damage sources can't scale infinitely like the ability. 

Suggestion for #1: 

Collision damage should scale based on the ball's momentum the faster the ball is, the more damage it does when it hits an enemy.

(Whether or not you want to make catapult not excilus because now it affects pulverize's damage is up to you)

Slam damage should have it's damage cap removed, it can infinitely scale based on the amount of enemies in your gut.


#2 Activation: i've come to the realization that Pulverize deserves to act not just as a damage ability, but as an ability to move around at high speeds. with Catapult you can jump higher and move faster, but you can only do that when you eat enemies.

Suggestion for #2: 

Allow us to activate Pulverize without any enemies inside grendel's gut, simply add a base slam damage and base collision damage 

that do no scale, and the only purpose for this would be fast movement. 

the next Suggestion will further improve upon this suggestion.

#3 Ability casting while Pulverize is active: if you ask me, it would make Grendel's abilities much more cohesive and symbiotic if you allow them to be cast-able while in pulverize form. currently, Pulverize feels so distinct from the rest of Grendel's kit, because of the restrictions it builds.

#Suggestion for #3: 

Allow us to cast Feast and regurgitate while in pulverize form. with suggestion #2 You might not want to be forced out of your pulverize form 

so allow us to cast feast on enemies in a 360 DEGRESS Feast but HALF the range and you can't puke them

and allow us to cast regurgitate so we can be able to lower the insane energy drain of feast. without having to cancel Pulverize.



Conclusion: these are my main three problems and their suggestions for their improvements for pulverize. thank you for taking the time to read them. I hope DE does something about this Warframe, as they seem to have forgotten about him, he has other problems, like the infinite energy drain on feast, and pulverize, and the uselessness of nourish armor.

However i'd advise that you start with pulverize, as it's the one that players misunderstand and misuse the most.

Thank you.


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